Friday, April 5, 2013

The return of Florence and Mary

My blogging activities have been sparse to say the least over the past year as “real life” took over but the good news is that now is the time to return to my little place on the internet and it seemed only fair that Florence and Mary had a new look for 2013.

First port of call was Sarah at essbeevee who used her talents to turn Florence and Mary into the lovely ladies you see gracing my header – certainly worthy of my grandmothers names don’t you think?

My home has taken on a less cluttered look over the past year and I wanted the same for my blog. Whilst I’d love to learn and tackle html sometimes you need to call in the professionals and that's where Claire of The Lollypop Shop came in. In between discussions about The Vampire Diaries we were able to fit in one or two conversations about my design expectations and Claire was spot on in providing what I wanted with the clean and modern look you see today.

Of course social media being all the rage I now have a Facebook page (how fancy!) and of course there links are in my sidebar to all the usual time wasting spots on the net, pinterest or tumblr anyone?!

Handily my break from blogging has given me the opportunity to sit back and take a fresh look at what I want to achieve from my ramblings and I am brimming with ideas and (slowly) learning some very basic tricks and tips on photoshop to give you a more visual feast and ultimately an inviting place for you to visit.

If that sounds like your cup of tea - and who doesn't love a good cuppa - don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and let me know what you think of the new look

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  1. I'm loving the new look sweetie, it looks fab :) Really liking the art work, Florence & Mary look very glam. I look forward to hearing more of your ramblings :) x x x x

  2. It looks fantastic! Welcome back :)

  3. Lovely to have you back & I'm liking the new look :) xx

  4. Great new look. I love the illustrations.
    Hope you are well, look forward to reading your new posts.
    Lisa x

  5. It's wonderful - as you know I love simple looking blogs! ;)

    Great to have you back.

  6. Hello there stranger! I made a return to blogland recently too! glad we both back and look forward to readin many more of your lovely posts again! xx
    Annie x

  7. Lovely new look, nice to have you back.

  8. just love it. Perfect! I am so going to take a leaf out of your book & simplify my blog. Apologies in advance for being a copycat! ;o)

    so good to see you back!

    1. Imitation is the highest form of flattery as they say!! x


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