Friday, August 24, 2018

New In | Nivea Sun Face Range

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I am the first to admit that whilst going about my business I don't tend to apply a separate SPF, instead relying on those within my skincare and make up comfortable that I spend most of day inside. Recent months I've been less inclined to follow that rule thanks to the glorious sunshine we were experiencing in the UK and acknowledging I needed to add more protection for those lunches in local beer gardens or weekends spent sitting in my parents garden.

As if hearing my internal monologue the postman answered my prayers and I received products from the new Nivea Sun V Face range. The Nivea 'New UV Face innovation' has been specifically formulated for the face and has a '0% white residue'.

My favourite from Nivea Sun Q10 Anti-Age and Anti-Pigment Face Cream and Sun Moisture Mousse is the former. The Face cream is lightweight as they suggest and if I don't become too carried away and find the right amount to apply it sinks in nicely and the white cast is momentary.

I'm always concerned with SPF Face Creams and experiencing breakouts but even with my sporadic double cleansing and attention to an evening skincare regime there were none to speak of. It felt light to apply but

The Nivea Sun Moisture Mousse had just a little too much stickiness on application for my liking and I've popped aside to share with my male holiday friends in Dubai next month, the Face Cream will be part of my skincare regime and I will definitely be happy to repurchase when I need a new one.

Another summer sun saviour from Nivea is their updated deodorant range. Who new deodorant cans needed ergonomic designs but they do indeed have one. A new feature I didn't expect to love or need so much is the 'twist to lock' feature. Nothing so new there you'd think but I can't tell you the number of products I spend more time twisting and untwisting trying to work out whether it has indeed locked whereas in this case it actually clicks into place so there is no uncertainty.

I usually favour a stick deodorant but in they can leave you feeling a little wet and throw in the recent humidity a spray was more effective and I was pleased to have Nivea Dry Fresh Deodorant to hand. Again I expected to be battling sweat thanks to humidity and the inferno that is the central line but I was rather impressed, and I'm not suggesting it was foolproof because again, that humidity but Nivea Dry Fresh did hold it's own.

Thank you Nivea for helping me battle the recent heatwave


  1. I love the Nivea deodorants, I have used the stress protect for years now so will definitely try the dry fresh one too xxx

      Zoë - MammafulZo �� 

  2. It is the best face cream ever since it protects against sun damage. It smells and feels great whilst protecting my face for a reasonable price. I couldn't ask for more. Tesco no longer sell it!!! Why??? If I can bulk buy I would!

  3. This is what I need today – can’t wait to give it a go!

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