Thursday, April 11, 2013

The return of the Mad Men Season 6

Are you a fan of Mad Men? Were you hotly anticipating the arrival of Season 6 last night? What did you think of the two hour premiere? I have to confess I’m not sure where I stand with Mad Men. I found the show later than others, trying to watch on many occasions and giving up as I was bored. I view it now as more of a visual feast, admiring the d├ęcor and fashions more than the storylines. Yes there have been one or two episodes I’ve watched intently, others have been glanced at over the top of a magazine or my iPad whilst sitting in bed but I was enthusiastic about its return yesterday evening – even sacrificing my favourite show Greys Anatomy but to be honest, again I was bored. When I realised that it was in fact a 2 hour premiere I gave up and went to bed and will continue watching another day. The only thing that initially caught my attention and stands out was Don’s vacation in Hawaii but that’s only because we’re currently discussing a girl’s trip there for my mum’s 60th next year.

I’m sure I’m in the minority and the critics reviews seem to be mixed, I’d love to know what you thought - are you all about the fashions or the storylines?

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  1. I'm with you on this, I too was a late starter and much prefer the visual side of things.
    That said, I didn't realise it was on last night, I would of recorded if known.
    I'm wondering if I'd watched from the beginning would I enjoy more xx

  2. I've never watched it! People rave about it, but I'm still not tempted.

    The salads last several days. I use one romaine to make two large salads. I chop them, and have had no trouble with browning edges. So 2 - 3 days is probably the answer. I've seen people write that they make them on a Monday and they last all week, but I just make a couple at a time. I'm really addicted to having salad this way, just the fact that it makes me want to eat it, means it's worth doing in the first place!

    Giraffe looked like a good place to eat (how did I miss that post?) xx


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