Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Westfield Shopping Haul

Office, Converse, Topshop, Pandora

I woke up Saturday morning with every intention of a lazy day in bed but when my friend text to meet her for lunch over at Westfield I jumped on a train and needless to say more than lunch was purchased. 

First stop was Topshop as I had decided I needed necklaces in my life. As you know from yesterdays post I have a newfound love for my H&M blazer so it was only fair I buy a new t-shirt to compliment it  (in a size 12 - yay WeightWatchers!).

As part of my weight loss campaign I now try to walk wherever possible but my usual flat footwear of choice, the ballet pump, often means my poor little tootsies get cold or I resort to the less attractive option of throwing my ugg boots on. I'd been toying with the idea of a pair of Converse after admiring my friends pair and thought I'd investigate them in silver. The Converse style is quite a diversion from what I would usually feel comfortable in and I'm not a big fan of my legs so try to flatter them in heels or pumps where possible and sadly the silver didn't sit quite right on me. The gold on the other hand looked much better, it's still a somewhat strange feeling look for me but I think once I get used to wearing them I'm sure I'll feel differently - and appreciate the fact my feet are no longer cold.

For my birthday my friend gave me the Lucky Cat charm from Pandora and I decided it needed a bracelet of it's own and into Pandora I went to chose from their leather styles. Originally I was intending to buy the red but the cat has a pink heart so the grey worked much better with it. Fingers crossed kitty brings me some luck.

Below you will see the photos of the individual items and links to treat yourself if you are so inclined and I'd love to hear what you have been treating yourself to lately. 

Topshop Necklace. Same one not available online although similar here 

Arrow pendant from Topshop

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  1. I adore those Converse, they are such a great muted gold.

  2. ah, shoppery! Love it. Love seeing what people buy, and I really like the Converse.

    I've treated self to a new Cath Kidston bag this very week. Wanted it earlier this year, but the took it off the website. Found it yesterday, in their reduced section! Result!

    Other than that, I've been frugal this year. Yep, I'm laughing as I write that, 'sort of frugalish' would be better ;o)

  3. umm. not sure why there is a link to the CK - I didn't do it guv'nor!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Converse, casual meets glam, great choice and your Pandora is making me want to treat myself to a new one, you are a bad influence xx


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