Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Byron Roquefort Burger


Last night I needed to do some shopping and decided on One New Change not least because they have a branch of Byron Burger and I would be able to sample the Roquefort burger. This burger is filled with roquefort cheese, crispy red onion, shredded lettuce and mayonnaise and was every bit as delicious as it looks and sounds. Maybe not a match for Smokey Robinson but a worthy contender.

If you don't have a Byron close to home pop along and visit Rosie as she has a great recipe for your own version here

And of course after my diet coke break there was that shopping I mentioned which shall be revealed tomorrow.


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  1. ooh that looks lovely! We don't have one near me :( xx

  2. it is too early in the day for you to be messing with my mind & belly! I want one of those so much. Actually, we're having a BBQ tonight (never know when we'll get another chance!), so I may well have to make my own greedy girl version of this!

    Thanks for the insiration!

    p.s, you are just like me. Whenever I have McDonalds or BK, I go large, but have a diet coke. Husband laughs at me - all those calories but coke has to be diet! ha ha! In truth, I don't like the taste of normal, sugary coke, but I see his point!


    1. It is not a silly thing to do having diet coke, on weight watchers a can of full fat coke is 3pts but diet is 0pts... I'm not wasting points on drinks... unless they're alcholic of course!!!! x

  3. That is the burger I had on Friday - fabulous!


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