Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BEDM: Dream Job

Whilst I won't go so far to say that I am employed in my dream job it is one I'm very happy with. I always say that if I have to work for a living this is pretty good. I've been with my company for nearly 7 years and my current role was built around my skills and the need of the department - pretty flattering!

My day job affords me the time and money to enjoy many luxuries in life - such as the Clarins shopping spree I've just been on and the dinner I'm off to with a friend this evening. I also get to wear my nice collection of dresses (can you believe this one was just £25!). It is a nice position to be in that beside the usual, urgh is it Monday again, I do work in a place I enjoy and even if I won the lottery I think I'd still want to work here on a part time/flexible basis as I have some great friends and we've had some even better nights out together.

More importantly having a settled day job means I can enjoy the pleasure of blogging (I'm writing this post at my desk now!). In my younger years I always wanted to be a journalist/writer (stay tuned for a forthcoming BEDM post about why that didn't happen) and blogging allows me to enjoy the pleasure I find in writing and who knows - maybe I will write that book one day.

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  1. I feel so sorry for people who say they hate their job and don't really get it ...get another one then?? Work is such a big part of your life you need to enjoy it!

  2. It seems like you've got a job which allows you to enjoy your life and that's the point really isn't it? Yay :)

  3. It's awesome that you are happy with your current job. While it may not be the complete dream it sounds like it's working great for you! Who could ask for anything more? :)

  4. I am so happy that you are happy with your life.I pray you continue and have the peace and joy you deserve.And you look stunning in that dress,
    Till next time,
    Marie Antionette

  5. You look so pretty in that dress, Victoria! Best wishes in your job! Twyla

  6. Love your dress, Victoria. Always nice to have a job you love - nothing worse than spending 40-odd hours a week doing something you hate! x

  7. firstly, that frock is fab. Looks really good on you (p.s are you in your works loos?!)

    And secondly, Hurrah to having a job you enjoy so much. I'm genuinely pleased for you. You're a long time there Monday - Friday, you need to be happy. Or at least like it! I've worked some poo jobs and hated every minute of it, I've also had jobs that I really enjoyed and look back with fond memories. It's nice :O)

  8. That dress really suits you!
    Lisa x

  9. It's totally refreshing and inspiring to hear somebody speak of a job they enjoy and are happy in. That dress looks gorgeous on you.

    And please do write that book one day xxx


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