Saturday, May 11, 2013

BEDM: Book Love

Today's BEDM post is our favourite books and as will you see from the photos I have one or two favourites to talk about.
Hello Kitty presides over some childhood favourites of mine. Every Easter, birthday or Christmas I would be given a Beatrix Potter book to add to my collection. My Brambly Hedge and Milly Molly Mandy books bring back so many nostalgic memories, I can remember making the paper dolls just like Milly Molly Mandy did.

It's no secret to regular readers of my blog that I love Enid Blyton books and amassed a huge collection whilst living at my parents from boot sales and charity shops replacing the books I had when I was younger (which even then came from boot sales!). During the declutter of last year I paired down my collection and only kept the books that really stood out for me and if I had to pick favourites it would of course be the Naughtiest Girl in the School series.

Twinkle annuals remind me of my nan who would give me one each year (and my dad who would walk me to the local newsagents to buy the magazine, something he now does for my nephew but in his case the latests Teenage Mutant Turtle release). Unfortunately this isn't my original collection but I have managed to gather together those from my birth year and it's amazing how looking through these I can remember reading about Nurse Nancy and many others.
Mum brought me the Ivy Cottage series of books I believe from a book club as it came with an accompanying doll of the character Violet Pickles who was a fellow glasses wear like myself. I hope the dolls is floating around somewhere and just typing this out I want to have a hunt round my parents to track her down - she deserves a place on the shelf!

The Secret is probably the most influential book I have ever read and the one I will continually recommend to others, in the next photo you will have seen The Power, equally as influential. Kelly introduced me to Rhonda Byrne returning from holiday with a copy of The Secret that I actually already followed it's principles naturally, always having created wish lists or talked about things in the present even when that wasn't the case. If you have never read or do not have a copy of any of these books - BUY ONE NOW!

Atop my bookcase sits my "I want a fabulous life" manuals, The Goddess Guide books from Gisele Scanlon and How to Walk in High Heels. These books are easily picked up time and again, browsed through and a chapter read here and there.

And then finally I bring you to my treasured Rachel Ashwell books, perfect to sit with a cup of tea and admire the pretty pastel pages and floral treasures. One day I will own a beach home in Santa Monica and dress it head to toe in Shabby Chic style.

I can't wait to pick up some book recommendations from fellow BEDM-ers and would love to know what you think of any of these books, do some of my childhood favourites bring back memories and do you think The Secret is ridiculous or inspiring?

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  1. Milly-Molly-Mandy <3 also Enid Blyton!

  2. How fun! We Had Nancy Drew growing up or Judy Blum...ok I am older than you!! lol Fun post Grace xoox

  3. I love all your treasured kids books and Rachel Ashwell....She is the best!

  4. I never read Beatrix Potter as a child. Milly Molly Mandy was my best friend's favourite (altho I met her as an adult). I too used to get Twinkle comics, altho before you were born - I feel old!
    I've never heard of The Secret, will have to check it out as you recommend it so highly. x

  5. A girl after my own heart - I adore Beatrix Potter books (and instantly am transported back to my own childhood). I have a couple of Twinkle annuals too - they are so lovely to have.
    I've never read The Secret - I am intrigued xxx

  6. I am now officially ancient as my favourites were What Katy Did and What Katy Did Next! Apart from those don't really remember any from my childhood though most of yours were popular during my daughters! However I do now own a full set of Beatrix Potter complete with the beautifully illustrated display shelf which I found at an antique fair.


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