Thursday, May 9, 2013

BEDM: Favourite Social Media

Social media is a funny one for me, on one hand I love it and as a blogger it's an invaluable tool, blogging itself is a form of social media which of course I love but the likes of Facebook and Twitter are somewhat hard for me to dive into. I'm not very good in 'real life' at small talk and social media feels like that to a degree. I seem to always veer towards thinking who cares whether I'm at Tesco doing my food shop or whats to see what I had for dinner and is my life interesting enough for an instagram upload but on the other hand happily sit and blog about a recent shopping trip or my latest outfit choice.

All that said I have accounts on the various platforms and tend to have phases of love for each. Pinterest is ongoing, I mean what's not to love about looking at so many gorgeous images whether it's interiors, food or handbags and it's the perfect way to while away an evening. Instagram was a phase which petered off due to my faulty iPhone camera (subject to change now I have my new iPhone 5!) and of course the new A Beautiful Mess app.

Facebook I've never really been a fan of due to the variety of people I'm friends with, old school friends, work colleagues and family members and what status might be appropriate for one is not for the other and Twitter seems to find that balance as it's not as widely used in my real life circle. I'm new to Twitter in so much as previously it was something I dipped into now and then, followed a few celebrities and rarely tweeted. Now I'm realising the possibilities of it's use as a blogger, making new friends and the simple pleasure of having a tweet retweeted or favourited. I'm still apprehensive about whether I'm tweeting to myself and should I continue but I feel like it's here to stay - it's quick, simple and more importantly I don't think I would know half of what is going on in the world were it not for my Twitter timeline.

And this post wouldn't be complete without links below to my pages on the net!

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  1. I really am loving A Beautiful Mess - have wasted far too much time fiddling about with it this week! x


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