Friday, May 10, 2013

BEDM: Travel Dreams

I have been yearning to visit Hawaii for years and fingers crossed the dream will be coming true next year in celebration of my mum's 60th birthday. My friend claims it's only because of this film but the thought of stepping off the plane, having a lei placed around my neck, sitting on the beach watching surfers do their thing and a trip to Pearl Harbour sounds like paradise to me - not to mention the cocktails!

Have any of you been lucky enough to visit Hawaii? I'd love to hear your experiences.

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  1. I travelled quite extensively around the islands of Hawaii when I worked on the cruise ships. Loved them all but I think Kauai was my favourite as it was less touristy than the bigger islands. Would love to go back one day, although the superlong flights put me off a bit.

  2. oh,book up Victoria - you'll LOVE it! I went a few years ago now, we stayed in Honolulu itself, right next to Waikiki beach. The sunsets are amazing - unlike anything I've seen before. The Polynesian Cultural Centre is the home tree Elvis sat upon as he sang Blue Hawaii, the Hard Rock cafe is unlike any other - think surfboards everywhere! Pearl Harbour is a very moving place, ever so infrequently oil stored on the sunken ships bubbles to the surface - it did the day we went. At Sea Life Park you can see a real life Wholphin, the scenery on the drive there is amazing. And what you must do is go to a luau - a brilliant experience!! I want to go again now just thinking about the place!!

    K xx
    (forgot to mention the shopping - FAb-U-LOUS!)


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