Sunday, May 19, 2013

BEDM: Favourite Tradition

When I think of tradition it usually surrounds family and Christmas. Whilst I wouldn't usually dare mention the C word this early in the year it is where the BEDM topic for today has taken me.

From PJ's gifted on Christmas Eve, the local Christmas market, carols on the green and my favourite the day my family come over and help me decorate my Christmas tree. It's such a fun task trying to direct my niece and nephew to spread out the decorations, enjoying some baked treats or party food, Christmas music and movies in the background it's perfect.

Read more about my Christmas traditions here

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  1. Christmas in May!! Aaaaagh ;) - to be honest I'm not sure what else there is to talk about but looking forward to reading other peoples too!

  2. Wonderful traditions but so scary especially as we're nearly half way through the year already. I'd better get started on my decorations!

  3. We do PJ's on Christmas Eve too... nothing like going to sleep in a nice new pair of jammies! Last year I fell asleep on the couch before I got to open mine though :(


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