Friday, May 5, 2017

If I Won The Lottery

Red Chanel Wallet on a Chain

Many years ago I visited a psychic who told me I would win the lottery which is ironic as I'm not actually someone who plays often. Often friends and I will purchase a ticket on a whim, spend hours listing all the wonderful things we would purchase with our millions only to be disappointed when our numbers don't come up and dreams of retiring are dashed.

Worse is those occasions when you are lucky to see your numbers drop and find your winnings are not quite the millions you were anticipating. There is some good news from Lottoland who have a new way you can play the lottery - even the famous Powerball in the US - and that is lotto betting. You can find out more here but in summary you still guess which numbers will be drawn but are not restricted with a ticket or location for which lottery you want to take part in and it's all done online so no fear of losing your ticket and those millions you intend to win.

So if I were lucky enough to win the Euromillions what would I spend all that cash on? Of course there are all the 'boring' things; a lavish home that I could decorate from head to toe without watching the pennies but its those smaller but no less extravagant things I'd treat myself to. 

I always said it would be a Chanel bag until I was lucky enough to own one but even so I'd love to have them in various sizes, different coloured hardware; that is the sort of thing only a lottery winner (or Khardashian) could dream off. Perhaps a full set of Louis Vuitton luggage for my travels used when I whisked my friends away on an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas complete with first class travel and a luxurious suite on the strip. 

Pineapple Inflatable Float

Travel would most definitely be high on my agenda, an empty suitcase, the Louis Vuitton ones obviously and visiting whereever takes ones fancy, staying in the most luxurious hotels and not worrying about the ridiculous cost of roaming charges (you should see my bill from St Lucia!). I would love to return to Hawaii and discover more of the islands but just rocking up to the airport with no financial worries and picking a flight would be a fantastic experience.

Of course if I'm living this high life beauty must be high on the agenda. I don't consider myself particularly high maintenance where pampering is concerned but to have a hairdresser 'on the payroll' to accompany me on my travels and style my hair ever morning would be amazing.

Perhaps my picks are somewhat frivolous but wouldn't that be the joy of seeing so many digits in your bank account? Money might not buy happiness but I'd sure give it a try.

What would you buy if you won't the lottery?

*in collaboration with Lottoland

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  1. Ah, the dreams.. haha! I would definitely travel the world if I won the lottery. Of course with LV suitcases ;) x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

    1. It would be fabulous wouldn't it, staying in the best hotels without a care in the world!

  2. I love these dreams!! I will not give up hope. I have to admit though if I do play I often don't even check the numbers lol I forget. Good luck xoox

    1. I love leaving tickets and not checking until a few days have passed!

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