Monday, May 22, 2017

New In | May 2017

Without sound cliched one of the great things about blogging is not so much the 'free stuff' (because nothing is ever 'free') but the introduction to brands that you may not have been aware of or discovered otherwise. This month one such product was YOPE Verbana Natural Liquid Soap*.

I hate the dry feeling after washing hands and I'm always reaching for my hand cream to relieve that feeling so a liquid hand soap isn't something that would typically excite me despite a bottle of 'something' always sitting by the kitchen and bathroom sinks but YOPE has impressed me.

Firstly I love the scent of Verbena, a citrus that makes it perfect for me to freshen hands after the task I hate most, washing up although it was how my hands feel after using. In fact after the first time I used it I was waylaid by my laptop before sitting on sofa where I would usually reach for my hand cream and as I was typing away I suddenly realised that I had indeed not felt the urgent need to rehydrate my hands.

Housed in a hefty 500ml pump bottle with cute imagery you'll find 90% of the ingredients are natural, free from parabens, silicones but does include Vitamin B5 and allantoin which will soothe irritation and makes it great for sensitive skins, or indeed those who find they're washing there hands often.

UK reality starts are giving Kylie Jenner a run for their money with the release of make up products, one of those being Chloe Ferry of Geordie Shore range. In addition to sunglasses and eyelashes is a range of Matte Lip Glosses and I was recently able to sample the By Chloe Ferry Matte Lip Gloss* in shade Rose. When I hear gloss I think of something sticky and what I would shy away from and I would argue this is more akin to a liquid lipstick but it doesn't feel as drying and far more comfortable to wear. The shade Rose is great and perfect for Summer. For me it's a little to on the bright and almost neon side for regular wear, I wish I was returning to Ibiza in the Summer as I could see this being a staple and it'll certainly make an appearance over weekends but not quite suitable for the office. I'm quite keen to hit purchase on the shade Rouge, you know I love my red lip products and having recently decided the Sephora Lip Creams are not something I can wear this would be a great alternative.

Last month a new skincare brand hit QVC, The Hero Project* and I was sent a couple of testers from them to try out, one in particular The Hero Project Glow Drops* I am loving and interestingly it was the product I was less keen to try, the other being The Hero Project Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost*.

Starting with the Glow Drops which is your typical facial oil to brighten your complexion thanks to Vitamin C but I wasn't excited enough to swap it out for the current products in my rotation but it was their recommendation to apply before make up that made me take the plunge and since then there has been no going back. I applied on my skin after moisturising and was impressed with how my skin literally 'glowed' but not in that usual way other oils can. I was interested to see how my foundation would apply and sit on top of the Glow Drops and it complimented my favoured L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation wonderfully and if you're smarting the L'Oreal Pro-Glow Foundation has not yet reached the UK shores this is a great way to create for yourself. If you have dry or mature skin this is a great way to regain that glow and it's priced at £20 which makes it one of the most affordable products of it's time.

As I alluded to The Hero Project Hyasoft Instant Moisure Boost made less of an impact on me, although a small sample isn't always enough to give a full impression or review. It's similar in consistency to Pixi's H20 Skindrink Hydration Gel, which I favour although I've had more opportunity to put to the test and you will pay about £10 more so it will depend on your budget.

Finally is a repurchase of the L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper, a product I favour for quick and easy brows on a day to day basis. I find the brush is the right size for me to work with and it dispenses enough product to fill my brows without overloading them. I do find that this new product provides more colour and hold at it's early stage and as someone who plays with their eye brows do suffer some piling until it dries out a little but nonetheless it's a product that I appreciate the price and finish off when I'm not interested in using products to give a finer finish.

What new products have you been trying out this month? Do any of these spark your interest?

*this post contains press samples and / or affiliate links

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  1. Like the packaging of the soap :-) Hadnt heard of the geordie shore girl lol not on my things to watch so I suppose it does get you out of your comfort zone being able to try these products that maybe you wouldnt look twice at - Has it been your first day today?? if so hope it went well xx

    1. Cute isn't it! That's what I enjoy, finding things I might not have discovered otherwise!

      First day went really well thank you x


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