Monday, May 8, 2017

Head to Toe Beauty Picks

My bathroom is slowly resembling a showroom for TIGI products and it's fast becoming one of my favourite haircare brands as I'm yet to find a product I do not like. Having put aside the Totally Bleachin range whilst I wait for the sun to reappear instead I've been using TIGI S-Factor Stunning Volume Shampoo* and it's complimenting conditioner.

The TIGI S-Factor range works with a 'body-boosting formula' that adds bounce to fine and flat hair which sadly is a category my hair falls into at times. Often my fear is that these types of products are too heavy and as I am washing hair less whilst spending more time at home, again I can find it actually has an adverse effect on my hair but thanks to Pro-Vitamin B5 and natural Jojoba Oil it adds no weight and cleans hair that requires minimal styling with enhance texture and definition.

My only complaint is with the TIGI S-Factor Stunning Volume Conditioner* which is really difficult to squeeze from the bottle. I appreciate this is 'first world problems' at it's best but when I'm in the shower I don't want to struggle with packaging - especially early morning. I have worked round this by unscrewing the lid so it's a little cumbersome and not ideal but worth the extra effort.

Also from the the S-Factor range is TIGI S-Factor Smoothing Lusterizer* a product I thought I would dismiss quickly but interestingly have found it's one I reach for after washing. Again this type of product can be in danger of weighing down hair but a little goes a long way to smooth the ends of my hair and leave them looking less like theres an urgent need for a trip to the hairdresser. If that sun ever does reappear it also provides protection against heat styling tools. I find it works best for me on weight hair and I just add a little to the ends.

From head to the toes and let me tell you that nothing identifies my age more than my disinterest in wearing painful shoes. When it comes to footwear, despite acknowledging that I feel better in heels, after five minutes of wearing them I'm retreating to my comfy flats but of course some circumstances require I suck up the 'pain' and bring out the heels especially the past couple of weeks as I've been embarking on interviews in London.

One of the problems I have is the sexy affliction of wide feet, but frustratingly so not so wide that if I buy shoes with a wide feet they are actually too big for me. It's like a great game of which irritation shall I choose, too tight or too loose?

Enter Sticky Heelz* which have come in handy and allowed me to utilise a pair of heels that were slipping off my feet - no one wants to lose a shoe walking into an interview - before I'm in a position to treat myself to some new 'back to work heels'.

Sticky Heelz are a twin-pad design, one side sticks to your shoe and the other is stuck to either your foot or will work with tights. I've used in both instances and find that it works better when I'm not wearing tights and I have been wearing for short periods of time but it certainly works better than anything I've tried previously.

Each pack of Sticky Heelz contains two shoe pads and four heel pads and again, depending on how you manage you'll get a couple of wears out of them. It can be a little fiddly trying to get your foot in your shoe to line up and stick to the shoe pad but as I expect like me you're dealing with a pair of shoes that are already 'too big' you'll have some room to play around with and practice makes perfect. I'd definitely recommend giving these a try before you discard a pair of shoes that are causing you problems.

And finally the book that's kept me company whilst between meetings is Kiera Cass, The One the final instalment in The Selection series. Finally revealing 'the winner' of The Selection process and finding out finally who will become the wife of Prince Maxon I admit by this point I was bored of the series and this book. Of course being a young adult book I can argue I'm not their target audience and once again I felt it repetitive and was really not warming to America, the lead in the story.

If you're a fan of the Hunger Games or The Bachelor then you might like these series and I found it an easy read that didn't requite much concentration or brain power which was reserved for impressing future employers.

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