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Monthly Beauty Favourites | April 2017

The 1st of May - how did that happen? I'm unsure where the year is going and I know things have been quiet on Florence and Mary as I run the gauntlet of job hunting and appear to spend more time attending meetings in London than I did whilst actually employed - the job hunt is a job in itself.

Today I'm sharing one or two products that hit 'favourites status' whilst I've been darting about London starting with a duo from Chanel. Chanel Mademoiselle is one of my favourite scents from Chanel although towards the latter end of last year it had become one I was bored with as others took precedence. The love has been reignited recently as I'm able to enjoy more leisurely baths and showers in the morning and reach for Chanel Mademoiselle Shower Gel.

Chanel Mademoiselle Shower Gel Review

I'm not someone who will 'keep things for best' but at over £30 this is not a shower gel to reach for bleary eyed in the mornings before rushing out the door and spending a day stuck in an office. As my days have involved more time in the mornings to pamper and then heading out for job interviews and my preference to use up the products I own, and this is woefully old (you may remember it came to Dubai for me over 2 years ago!!) meant it needed to be used.

Interestingly despite it's age the scent is still as I would expect and I try to concentrate on using on my upper body so that the scent lingers and can then be layered with my perfume, of course Coco Mademoiselle which I'm using in the Twist & Spray travel edition.

I've talked about the Twist & Spray from Chanel many times and my only criticism is that you cannot buy the refills separately, although the outer cases can become a little tired as it rolls around the handbag so it is nice to purchase a new set. I know rollerball scents are favourites by many for handbags and one of the reasons people wish for Sephora to hit our UK shores but I much prefer a spray perfume and as a smoker it's ideal to freshen up before I attend my interviews.

From Chanel to the high street and two more affordable favourites, starting with a surprise find from ALDI. ALDI have received a positive reputation for their skincare and there are many fans around although my only dabble had been with their 'Creme De La Mer Dupes' the Caviar Night and Day creams which I didn't enjoy so much.

Despite this during a weekend shop and in the need for a new eye cream to use in the morning I noticed the Lacura Expert Eye Gel and thought for a few pounds it was worth a try. As the name suggests it's a gel formula, which whilst it feels slightly tacky on application it is only momentary and sits nicely on the skin.

Designed to offer hydration and reduce fine lines and wrinkles I've found it the perfect eye cream to use in the mornings. I may not be having to wake early morning to an alarm at the moment I do still suffer from dark circles from sleepless nights and anything to help make my fine lines look improved I'm on board with.

Often I can find some eye creams a little too heavy for day whereas this is light and perfect for what I hope is warmer weather on the horizon. I've also found my concealer is sitting better on my eyes when I've used the Lacura Eye Gel and lasts longer than usual - I'm keen to put it to the test after a full day in the office which I hope is on the cards soon. A successful experience with Lacura, my only complaint is the pot, I must prefer a tube or pump, especially right now when my nails are well overdue filing down but otherwise when I'm in the market for a new serum I may well check out the one from Lacura Expert one.

Finally another day, another red lip favourtie, L'Oreal Lip Paint Matte in Red Actually. This was an impulse purchase of sorts at the airport when I was heading to St Lucia and realised that I hadn't added a trusty red lip to my hand luggage bag. Fearing arrival in St Lucia without such a product was the perfect excuse to try out the new matte lip product from L'Oreal.

The lip paint was worn often during my trip and has been my go to lip product of choice since my return. If I'm wearing a lipstick it's been this one and it might just be my favourite matte lip product I've used. In comparison to the Sephora Lip Creams which I find dry my lips terribly if I wear for too long or the Chanel not so matte, matte lip paints which are prone to smudging the L'Oreal Lip paint sits comfortably in the middle.

An almost true red but with an orange hue that makes it perfect for Summer the creamy formula glides onto the lips with no smudging and stays put. It's not a flat or perhaps true matte but I find it more wearable on me. It's very similar to the Maybelline Color Jolts but L'Oreal just pip the post for it's doe foot applicator which has a curve which allows it to sit on the lip comfortably for easy application. If you haven't tried the new L'Oreal Lip Paints do check them out and find a shade for you.

What have you been loving this month?

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  1. I've loved everything Lacura that I've owned and the price is always a winner!

    1. I definitely want to try more especially for the price point

  2. Yay I get to you quicker on my kindle anyhoo I'm getting some chanel for my bday can't wait - not used any aldi stuff even though it gets good reviews I'm trying to get my hands on the candles that have good reviews oh and their g&t ice lollies :-)

    1. Nice to have you back!!! Chanel is always a good idea for birthdays!! I've been hunting the candles for weeks but no luck sadly... hmmm g&t ice lollies, I'll be adding those to the list! xx

  3. Ooooh, I must try the Chanel shower gel. Thanks for sharing! x


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