Monday, September 16, 2013

Book Review| Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

After last weeks disappointing read (Week 38 here) I was looking forward to getting my teeth into Revenge Wears Prada the follow up book to the extremely popular Devil Wears Prada; sadly I am once again disappointed.

As is often the case when a film has been made of a book that is all I picture whilst reading Revenge and it doesn't fit right with me. Firstly I can't imagine the Andy that 'saw the error of her ways' finding her happiness with a wedding magazine, especially one where she proudly discusses the quotes she receives from celebrities, wasn't she destined for more humanitarian causes? Secondly her newfound friendship with Emily, how did they become best friends. Yes I can understand these two characters having a mutual respect for each other but suddenly becoming best buddies and setting up business together? And finally Andy has now left behind her disapproving boyfriend and has married a millionaire businessman and living the quintessential New York life.

Leaving all those questions aside again it's another case for me of finding the characters a bit wet and the story just plain dull. I intend to give the story another chance on today's commute but after last weeks lacklustre read I don't know if I'm prepared to force myself to fight with another - and if you look at the other reviews it seems I am not alone with disappointment of this book.

If my review hasn't been enough to put you off you can find Revenge Wears Prada on Amazon here and of course, the irony isn't lost on me as I sit reading this book with a Prada bag at my feet!

I'd love to know if you've read this book and can assure me it gets better.

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  1. I hate reading books that have been made into films, when I was younger I read all of the angus thongs and perfect snogging books, they brought the films out and it broke my heart! It wasn't how I'd imagined the characters to look at all. Harry Potter is the only book/film which can slightly get away with it!

    Love Em X

  2. I read and enjoyed the first one, liked the film more, and when I saw the reviews for this follow-up, decided to steer clear. Sounds like I did the right thing! x


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