Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Swarovski USB Pen in Fuchsia

Last year my cousin was given a fabulous Swarovski pen for her birthday which immediately sent my mum, aunts and I into frenzy about how we all wanted to own one. My mum received one for her birthday and I subsequently requested one for mine way back in April. Mum ever the extreme shopper went one step further and brought for me the extra snazzy USB pen instead of the simple ballpoint. Lucky me!

I must confess I have spent a lot of time simply admiring this pen in it's box but since I picked up a Filofax in an effort to organise my life better (post coming soon) it's now never far from hand. The USB stick has proved handy especially for storing photos of my niece and nephew which are subsequently printed off when doing a supermarket shop rather than languishing on my laptop for months on end.

As a pen it's a simple ballpoint which whilst I'd love to style things out with a sophisticated ink the humble biro proves most popular for my scribblings. Luckily it is also supplied with replacement inks so I don't find I have to use sparingly for fear of it running out.

It is a heavier pen, which I quite like but some may prefer the simpler (and significantly cheaper) version, filled with only 100 crystals compared to the 400 in my version.

My boss once told me to always hold a pen in meetings as it'll give you something to do with your hands although I think I'll keep this pen at home rather than the boardroom.

And what about you, simple biro or do you prefer something a bit special when writing your to do lists?

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  1. Gorgeous. Can see why you want to keep it home rather than at work.

    I've got a trad fountain pen that I love, but I don't like how my handwriting looks in it. But that's 'cos my writing is crap! I just enjoy the whole refilling it with ink lark, makes me feel like a grown up!


  2. I have the simple, white Swarovski pen and I love it, I would like to upgrade to a USB one though! Also, looking forward to your Filofax post, I have a Filofax and I use it as a wallet too, it's always with me!

  3. Prettiest pen ever! I would love one although I'm always misplacing my pens so I think I'll stick to cheap ones! Love the incorporated USB - what a genius idea!

    Jennie xo |


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