Wednesday, August 22, 2018

New Fragrance Launch | LK Bennett Signature

LK Bennett Perfume Review

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The similarities between Kate Middleton and myself begin and end with both being a fan of LK Bennett footwear - but perhaps we can now add the fact we've been wearing the same perfume as each other to that list?

Earlier this year LK Bennett launched their first ever fragrance, simply named Signature retailing for £35 and available to buy in their store celebrating their 'timeless heritage'. The fragranced is housed in typical classic LK Bennett style and I was impressed just by the weight of the lid - often used to what looks luxury what crack simply from over zealous pulling off of the stopper.

The scent of Signature is interesting and not something I would typically be drawn to, nor if I'm honest is it one I favour with top notes of citrus, pepper and rhubarb, heart notes of rose, jasmine and ylang yland and base notes of warm woods, dry amber, musk and vetiver that create something of a heady scent which I can't easily pinpoint to sweet or floral.

My sister-in-law was visiting when this arrived and she immediately loved it and once I had taken the necessary photos I allowed her to be tester for me and give her thoughts and she is still a fan and enjoyed wearing over the Summer. She commented on how impressed she was particularly that as the day went on she could always pick up the scent and it hadn't dissipated as they often do.

I believe the fragrance should be available to buy on the LK Bennett site but I've been unable to find it and I'm quite taken by the 'exclusivity' they're giving it that you can only find it for sale in their stores but I'll be interested to see if that changes to reach a wider audience.

Are you an LK Bennett fan?


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