Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Review // Sure Maximum Protection

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If you take a look in one of my bedroom draws you'll find a stash of various deodorants all which have been used briefly and discarded during an ongoing quest to find one that actually works for me. Over the years I've been through every brand possible, experimented with the hardcore medicinal versions, dabbled in tablets from the doctor (an unpleasant experience; yes they worked but I've never had such a dry mouth in my life!) and considered botox, until Sure Maximum Protection* landed on my doorstep.

I rolled my eyes at the claims to offer twice the protection of other deodorants and lasting 48 hours fully expecting to throw this in the draw with all the others. I was happily proved wrong. Sure Maximum Protection is now a staple in my routine featuring in last months' Empties post here and another one due to pop up later this month.

Sure recommend applying the deodorant at night so that your body can adjust and this is where the 48 hours protection can kick in. I can't claim to have last a full 48 hours as that's a bit risky for someone who has an eternal fear of the underarm sweat patch but I certainly have nothing to worry about over a normal working day tackling the cramped underground commute.

As for the product itself, a simple click of the wheel at the bottom reveals a cream like texture which is applied to your armpits. I've used products before which remain creamy and sticky but not the case with Sure, it dries quickly so I have no worries about popping on a black dress and heading into work. It's also worth noting there is no fear of applying this after you have shaved under your arms. If you've used any of the harsher products on the market you'll have experienced the hopping around from the burning sensation that they give.

If I'm going to be picky and find a fault with the product it's only simply that the product can dry in the holes so as you reveal the next twist later in the morning/evening it may have dried slightly but as long as you're using the product twice daily on a regular basis this is generally avoided and more to do with my occasionally missing a night time application.

You can find Sure Maximum Protection in your usual stockists such as Boots or Superdrug.

Don't forget to let me know if you give it a try or are already a fan.

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  1. Might have to give it a try. I've yet to find an underarm deodorant stick/roll on that I really like.

  2. Really want to give this a try, I'm on the search for a stick or roll on that I like so this is going on the to-try list!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  3. I bought some one the way home last night after reading your review, did you find that you noticed the results straight away or did it take a few days? x


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