Thursday, September 19, 2013

"V" Ladies

In my teens I was "Vikki", yes spelt V I K K I - that was very important. My parents refused to call me anything but Victoria and once I embarked on sending my CV out to future employers I too decided Victoria sounded better than Vikki from Essex (no offence intended to fellow Vikki's from Essex). 

That said Victoria is too easy to shorten, and I'm called many things by different people, usually Vic these days and my brother is the only person still getting away with calling me Vikki. I was called Vix by my colleagues in a previous role yet felt that signing emails Vix was too informal when I joined another company instead signing them off V and a new nickname was born. 

Six years in and most people in the department refer to my as V so when I spotted the necklace from Topshop it had to be purchased. The only annoying thing is it has a tendency to turn itself upside down so starts to looks like an A, who knows maybe that's the next nickname for me.

Do share your nickname's if any.

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  1. I hate my name (Susan) and prefer Sue. My name tends not to be shortened but my friends seem to call me Suzie Floozie ! very flattering. Although better than Suzi, which I always think refers to a dog. Mmmm.... Sue x

  2. Never had a nickname; but I love that necklace.

  3. I use both my names, Amanda and Mandy. My dad used to call me Mandy Pandy then sometimes Pandy Potter hence the name of my bears. Mind you next door but ones dog is very naughty, they're always shouting 'Mandy NO' Hmmm bet you don't get dogs called Amanda!


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