Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Under the Sink!

This month I am finally delving into Brocante Home's Puttery Treats for June and the Trash it or Treasure it Program

Some areas' might not necessarily apply to me or be something I want/need to do but they inspire other jobs in the home loosely based on the treat of the day, one of these being my cupboard under the sink

Here it is in it's previous state

Now the Brocante Home mantra is "decant, decant, decant" so I sought out the perfect storage for my washing powder capsules. I had in mind a vintage tin as it needed to be something I could reach into easily as I'm usually holding an armful of washing but the rain has prevented boot sale foraging and charity shops haven't had anything available

As I walked through Primark recently this caught my eye

Very Cath Kidston in style, less CK in price and perfect for the job in hand

Next I wanted to line the shelves in some oilcloth and turned to a tablecloth to help me out at a good price for my first attemp

This took more effort than I expected but I was pleased with the results 
(and there is an awful lot of tablecloth leftover to line more cupboards!!)

Everything was returned neatly to the cupboard but that pesky bottle of Comfort just didn't look right

Yesterday's trip to the charity shop offered the perfect replacement bottle

Now that looks better

(and yes I've noticed that the edge of the top shelf has dropped down and stuck it back since looking at this photo!)

Simple but effective!

What jobs at home have you been doing recently?

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  1. Looks lovely :) Another job to add to my list, my cupboard is very messy! x

  2. Mrs organised you certainly are your "under the sink" looks so tidy before you even started prettying it up. What a good idea we're in and out of that cupboard for one thing or another all day long and why not make it look as pretty as you have. Right I'm off to buy some nice containers for my "necessities", thanks, Lucey x

  3. Ooo this looks fantastic! So neat and tidy - is this a book you're working from? I think I might have to do this project too - our under the sink cupboard is over run! x

  4. Right, that's my day sorted out! I have the Housekeepers box and a matching one for the washing powder but I've got to get me something pretty to put the fabric conditioner in! x

  5. I love that bottle you found for the fabric softnerm just a shame its now hidden under the sink ;o). You did a fabulous job, my under sink is a blooming mess, i open and shut it quickly. Scarlett x

  6. I love the conditioner bottle - very nice. Under my sink is somewhere I go often but not somewhere you want to stay too long! It needs a makeover! Yours looked fine before and now looks fantastic, well done. Sue x

  7. Im like that as well. I have pretty bottle for softnet, washing up liquid and all bubble baths. Don't like the ugly plastic bottles. ~c~

  8. I hate looking under our sink at home! It's a very huge cupboard and it contains drinks, different liquid cleaners, gloves and 2 bins!
    We lined the shelves with the oilcloth too, very easy to clean when liquids spill out.
    It has to be a pleasure to do the laundry with such nice bottle to play with!

  9. Your before shot looked sooo neat compared to my disgusting 'open it, grab what you want and shut it quick' cupboard!

    The only job I seem to have been doing recently is working on our stairs and landing, sanding the 4 door frames, floor, stairs, handrail and spindles. Nearly at the 'ready to paint' stage now thank goodness. However, the whole house now needs a major dusting as the dust seems to have pervaded every single crevice in every room. M x

  10. Wow, what a difference, cleaning is necver exciting at the best fof times but this at least makes it a little bit more pleasant : ) xxx

  11. OOh love every bit of that -- love the liner and LOVE the decanter idea!

  12. That looks amazingly good, Victoria - would you like to come and sort my cupboard under the sink out as well, please?! Only joking! x

  13. I thought it looked quite tidy to begin with, but now it looks so inviting. Love the idea of lining it with oilcloth. Your washing powder capsules must have the cutest storage in the land! x

  14. Wow what a difference it looks display worthy!
    when company comes you may want to just forget those doors open!

  15. I love the oil cloth! and what a great idea to decant into a pretty bottle. Its one of the areas I keep saying I need to sort out too. ;)

  16. Love the conditioner bottle and great use for the toilet bag.
    I have the same bag and wouldn't of thought of using it for that!

    B xxx

  17. Darn nice under the sink it is too! Suzie xx

  18. ooh, did not see that particular bag in Primark last week. Need another visit!
    I go through stages where I am obsessed with tidying under the sink. I think I might have another go today actually. You have inpsired me! I won't be decanting though. I have to make sure I knwo what's what and that girly girl can't get her mitts on anything. Got child locks on there, and the very second I open the doors to get something she's there like a rat up a drainpipe going 'ooh' and I'm shouting 'get away, danger, danger, get away' You know, in a nice calm manner!

    Anyway, your cupboard looks fab! xx

  19. well done! the cabinet under my sink looks almost the same like yours before the makeover, mine is even more cluttered and packed with lots of housekeeping stuff hahaha but i love your housekeepers container and love what you got from primark, i wish we have primark in my town! i lovee the bottle you got and the red polkadot oil cloth is soo cute! well done, it looks amazing now! xx Susan

  20. Oh it looks so good. We are making lots of chnages to our dining room and I had already decided to cut up my tablecloth for shelf lining a cupboard and after seeing yours today i can't wait to get started.
    Lisa x

  21. Wow!! What a lovely under the sink make over!! Mine gives me shivers to look!
    But yours just gives me that buzz to get that cupboard sorted. Would you mind if I used your idea? ;)

  22. Now that just looks super pretty and has given me an idea on how and where to use my spot oil cloth.
    My creating room has had a huge makeover but currently looks like a mini earthquake has hit it - still not finished but getting there

  23. Ooh loving this idea. Your cupboard looks gorgeous especially liking the shelves covered with oilcloth. Sadly I only have the base of the cupboard as my pipes prevent me from having another shelf. The next rainy day I am gonna give it a makeover. X x

  24. i love the oil cloth in the cupboard!!

  25. i lined my cupboard with the same oil cloth!i must take heed and decant decant decant however

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