Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bloggers Email

Following this post a few of you were interested in learning more about the email options on blogger
Once again I'm no expert on blogger but have picked up a few tips along the way I'm happy to share with you so here we go....

If you look on my blogger profile you will see I have an email option

If you click on "email" you will immediately have access to my email address to contact me

To add your email address to your profile select Edit Profile, and tick the "show my email address" option

This means that anyone visiting your blog can email you directly and reply to your comments when received by email!

And what about comments to your email account? 

Go to your blog Settings and chose the Comments section

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see "Comment notification email" - simply enter any email address(es) you wish your comments to be sent to and "save settings" and all comments on your blog posts will start appearing in your inbox like this

The area I have marked with an arrow will show a link that if clicked through takes you to the commenter's blog or you can hit reply and if they have the option you can reply directly!

I love comments arriving in my inbox as I can reply directly (where the option is possible) and think if you've taken the time to comment on my ramblings I like to acknowledge it. It's also how I've managed to strike up friendships with bloggers as often one comment leads to a week long of conversations between us! 

I'll also be in initial contact with the bloggers commenting on my post "first" which is helpful at busy periods when I might not have time to comment on everyone's posts

I hope this was helpful and remember to click on any of the images to enlarge if you want to make some changes to your settings

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  1. Hopefully, I've now edited my profile to show my email address. Thanks for the post, very helpful.

  2. Great informative post for those of us that are not so "technically savvy".Thank you :-)

  3. Very helpful Momma ,,,thanks I hope your having a lovely weekend....stay out of some trouble!

  4. That was very well explained! I often want to reply to people's queries or respond to their comment, and it is so frustrating to see the dreaded 'no reply'! And it is amazing how many entries to giveaways were from people who were not easily contactable - I put a link on my sidebar to a post all about this, but you have made it so clear, well done.

    Pomona x

  5. Thank you I have now edited my profile. ~c~

  6. You are my hero!! I was getting so fustrated that I could not leave comments on some blogs. I wrote to some people privately and asked them to check settings. 1 woman wrote to me why she has left all theses comments and I did not respond so I emailed and let her know! She dropped me as a follower. lol I just sent her your blog post and she apologized. Thank you smart friend. lol Grace xoox

  7. i definitely will follow this, thanks for sharing! x susan


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