Thursday, June 9, 2011

No Reply at Blogger!

I know many bloggers have been having problems recently trying to comment on blogs. Unfortunately I'm unable to offer any explanation for that (I seem to have escaped any issues!) but can advise a way to keep in touch with your blog friends!

Your comments arrive in my email inbox and love when I can hit reply and respond to them. It helps when I might be having a busy week and not able to comment on blogs myself. Unfortunately this is not always the case as some bloggers do not have an email option and there comments give the return address "no reply at blogger"

I'm sure some of you do this for privacy which I completely understand but if not you can simply amend your blogger settings! The great thing about sharing your email address is that when blogger goes down you can still keep in touch with all your friends! 

I'm no expert on blogger or blogging but I have helped a few new blogging pals out with hints and tips so if there is anything you'd like help on or some more "blogging" posts let me know

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  1. I agree, its good when you can reply direct to email. Scarlett x

  2. Oh what a good idea :) I will have to check my settings. I'm not very good with the techie things though....I may end up wiping my whole blog at the click of a button, haha.

    Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog recently. Now,as for the batch cooking meals...I'm no domestic goddess and to be honest I just make two of everything, cook it and then freeze it. I just take it out and reheat thoroughly. I really wish I had paid more attention at school in my home economics classes, then I would known all the in's and outs. But, I must be doing ok as we are all still here alive and well :) Have a lovely day xx

  3. I wish more bloggers had an email reply option too.
    Ive been having trouble commenting on some blogs, very frustration.


  4. I'm not technically minded at all so would love to know if you can reply to me or not, and if not, how to change my settings. Hints and tips are great as I'm always worried that if I change something I might end up deleting my blog.

  5. Blogger bug is so annoying! I guess it depends on the way you set up your comment form (pop-up window, embedded form, etc).
    I read somewhere to tick off the box when you sign in and it works!..shame I always forget to do it! :)

  6. That is great information. I'll have to check my settings. Thanks!

  7. I have never done this email way is it easier!

  8. I agree, i too dont have alot of prob besides i sometimes can't leave a comment in blogger using explorer but when i use firefox, i manage to do it, it's only once in awhile not sure why! but replying through email is a good idea! x Susan


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