Sunday, May 29, 2011

Candle Making!

Today I finally had the energy and enthusiasm to complete a few tasks round the home, the most noteworthy being some candle making

A few weeks ago I had a free weekend and decided to tackle some crafts and whilst this did not happen I had purchased all the supplies now sitting around waiting for me

This tutorial  made teacup candle making look so simple and they were not wrong! 

It really is as simple as weighing the wax, popping in the microwave to melt and pouring the liquid into whatever container you have to hand, in my case teacups

All I can smell is lemongrass (my fragrance of choice) on my hands! 

If you fancy trying this yourself my supplies were ordered from WhicksnWhacks
Approx 200grams of wax + 20mls of fragrance will make one teacup candle 

This evening I'll be watching Scott & Bailey the new ITV detective drama series and preparing for a friend coming to lunch tomorrow. It's time for another appearance of my roast chicken!

For those of you interested in my film choice last night I'd wait for it to come on TV!

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  1. That looks really easy and a great way of using up some of my collection of cups and saucers. Umm! Perhaps I will start on the Christmas presents now!. Enjoy your relaxation, we don't often get to do it!

  2. Glad you had spilled the beans! Another great bloggy reveal after the info I got about cake stand fittings!
    I've always admired candle making on other blogs but I've never had the courage to ask how it was!

  3. It really does sound simple, would make great Christmas gifts and I love the cup!

    B xxx

  4. I've always fancied having a go at candle making but it's always sounded so messy doing it in saucepans. I've never heard of doing it in the microwave before, but this sounds so easy. The movie doesn't sound so good, I bet you had a good night with your friend though.

  5. I too thought candle making was "beyond" me but you make it sound so easy. I burn loads of candles in the winter so I might just have a try, Lucey x

  6. I love the way wax tea cups look. In Bryant Park in NYC this Christmas they sold so many but so expensive. THey also made wax vintage tins. Thanks for sharing. Grace xoox

  7. You will have to show us some of them!

  8. okay so you make it sound so easy - I'll have to track down candle making supplies in lil ole NZ

  9. you just know I'm going to be following the links and doing this myself don't you?!

    loved our chitty chats yesterday xxx

  10. I love candles and didn't realise you could make them in the microwave. I always thought you had to ruin your saucepans to do it! I have already taken a peek at the link and working out what I need..... Thank you Sue x

  11. Always wanted to give candle making a go.... maybe I will now :) xx

  12. I love making these, rose is my fave fragrance to use. Scarlett x

  13. oh! I really want to make some candles! You have inspired me!

    As for the film .... yeah, I begrudged the £7.50 I paid to go and see it at the cinema ... it was an Odeon Newbies screening, so at least I got out of the house with Baby Plum! ha ha

  14. oh wow, i'd love to try and make a candle! thanks for sharing this!xx Susan


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