Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You have to kiss a lot of frogs....

to find your prince they say so this little guy is the perfect bedside companion

I love these trinket boxes and the frog prince has found his "bird" to keep him company!

The bird can still be found in some Monsoon stores, the Frog Prince however was picked up in a local gift shop - if only the real thing was as easy to find!

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  1. You have to kiss a lot of frogs or step on a duck. Here is the joke if you don't know it:

    "Three women die in a car accident and arrive at the pearly gates of Heaven. St. Peter greets them and says before they ever enter Heaven, "Whatever you do, don't step on the ducks!"
    Well the women thought that this was a very odd thing to say, but when they enter Heaven, they see why he did! Ducks are EVERYWHERE!
    The 1st woman was talking to the 2nd and, not paying attention, stepped on a duck. St. Peter appears at her side with a pair of handcuffs and a hideous man. "Now that you have stepped on a duck, you shall be chained to this man for the rest of your days here."
    A few weeks later, the 2nd woman suffers the same fate.
    Now the 3rd woman is determined to not step on a duck. Weeks, months even years pass, and she's yet to step on a duck. Soon, St. Peter has appeared at her side with the most beautiful man she'd ever laid eyes on and a pair of handcuffs. St. Peter handcuffs them and walks away without a word.
    "Whatever have I done to deserve this?" the woman asks.
    "I don't know about you, but I stepped on a duck." said the man."

    My boyfriend keeps reminding me that he must have stepped on a duck in a previous life. How cheeky!

  2. LOL a the joke above!
    How cool your frog prince, when I was younger I was mad about frogs!

    P.s. so "bird" is for ladies?!

  3. I love your frog he really is gorgeous! Sue x

  4. What a handsome dude, definately a great bedside companion!

    B xxx

  5. oooh love the frog and the bird, very cool! LOL at the joke!! Scarlett x

  6. They're both lovely. I love quirky trinket boxes.

  7. I love the froggy. My kids are convinced that because our dog drank some tadpoles that at some point froggies will "arrive"- - YUK!

    Thank you so much for you kind words over at Appletree Cottage!

  8. Very cute.
    I have a few of those little trinket boxes, theyre great for jewellery.


  9. Hehe how sweet are they?! Love them xxx

  10. Looking at the linky to check out the frog. Another website to salivate over perhaps? No idea how you discovered that little gem but it is very interesting!

  11. now that i dont mind kissing, sooo gorgeous and sparkling, not the real frog though that is slimy and ewww haahahaha

    xx Susan


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