Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thirty Day Challenge - Question 5

Tell us about your 3 favourite colours

My favourite colours seem to chop and change and despite thinking one colour is my favourite I find another seems to be more dominate in my life!

Black is one of them - and in the Audrey Hepburn classic way not in the depressing way!

Many of my clothes, especially for work are black! It's slimming and looks good and can be dressed up or down and of course the little black dress can be instantly updated with accessories

I also love Coral at the moment which I believe is very fashionable right now with clothes popping up in those colours in the shops

I've yet to purchase anything other than a pair of earrings and some nail polish in this shade but I intend to change that for Summer!

And my signature colour - RED

I don't wear as much red as I used to (my old college friends say their first memory is of me walking into class with bright red lips!) 

If I have an option I will pick the red dress every time, red lips and especially red nails!

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  1. Go you :)
    I'm such a red girl too when it comes to lippy and varnish - go figure since my fav colour is pink LOL

  2. I did the red lipstick thing at school! I don't wear any make up at all, except nail varnish on toes in the summer!
    Lisa x

  3. My fave colour has to be red but I wear loads of black! Not only is it my uniform but I agree you can dress it up with a flash of red! xx

  4. oh yes! i do agree that black tend to have a slimming effect, that's why i love wearing black coz it hides my bulges hehe and a girl has to have at least one LBD and i got a few, red in the other hand, i love it, i love the bright color of red but i dont dare wearing it in me, maybe in home decoration. the coral color is very lovely, must put it in my list, i'm in love with mustard color right now but that's another in my list :)

  5. So with you on the red and black, again i own a lot of black clothes and always have to have red lips for a night out :o) Scarlett x

  6. Victoria, I'm loving that coral color this season too!

  7. I love black! Purple is another favourite. Although Coral is beautiful and very 'in' this year. Love red but it is so not me! Sue x

  8. From now on "Black in the Audrey Hepburn classic way" will be my answer to everyone who will complain about my choices!
    Thank you for the great tip! ;-)

  9. I love red, but I dont wear it much. Black is always a main staple in my wardrobe! I have to say my fav colour is blue though!

    C x

  10. I'm with you on black and red! every girl should own a red dress ... I'm currently attempting to slim back down into my favourite red day dress!

    I did the goth thing when younger ... but these days prefer the Audrey Hepburn look!

  11. I love red too but it just doesn't suit me.

  12. Red lippy is a must, alllllways! xxx

  13. I really love those Pantone mugs - it must be very difficult picking out a favourite, though. I must admit that although I used to love wearing black, I have got to the age when it is a bit unforgiving to my skin tone, which is rather sad!

    Pomona x

  14. I'm the same- my favourite colours interchange, but red is a great choice! Really enjoying your posts on the Thirty Day Challenge :) xxx


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