Monday, May 9, 2011

Thirty Day Challenge - Question 4

Write about your closest friend(s)

Well this is an easy post to write and I will certainly be using the plural when I talk about my closest friends! This will be a self-indulgent post with some trips down memory lane for me so apologies in advance for the length of this post!

We'll start with Kelly, you already know much about our adventures which have been from LA to Bristol via London on this blog

Kelly & I actually met through our brothers at the local rugby club where I worked and Kelly would be supporting, we'd join our brothers for drinks, occasionally pop out on our own and always found ourselves parked in Kelly's car outside my parents house talking for another couple of hours!

When I broke up with my fiance many years ago it was Kelly that phoned up and rather than ask how I was or if I wanted company instructed me she'd be round in an hour to pick me up and we were going to watch the boys play rugby (there was a lot of rugby in our early years - spectating not playing your understand!) and from there we spent more and more time together - well we were 2 single gals now and things were really cemented on a trip to Florida where we sat up all night, every night talking about things we wanted to do much of which led to our blogs!

I could go on and on with stories over the fun we've had over the years but one that sticks in my mind as I type (apart from Kelly's attempt to capsize the gondola she was attempting to steer in Venice!) was when we were holidaying in Italy. Many evenings we'd happily sit in bed, applying face creams and talking but one night we were particularly giggly. So much so that her mum had to come in and tell us to keep the noise down as we could be heard all over the camp site - and that was not the last time our talking through the night got us in trouble!

Then of course there is Ben, my "faux husband"

Ben has been a friend for a long time now and he's my rock, plus one when I need a man on my arm and more importantly someone who can't fail to make me laugh no matter how sad and miserable I am

 My first "real" memory of him is from some years ago. We only really knew one another from nights out so he wasn't what I'd call a "friend" then but he was in the pub when I was celebrating and walked over with 2 bottle of wine (Blossom Hill Rose - oh the memories... well more memory loss actually but that's a whole other post!), plonked them on the table and said "Happy Birthday". It was such a nice gesture (buy me a drink and we're friends for life!) and as with Kelly the occasional nights turned into much more

Not our best picture but time with good friends isn't always being glammed up on nights and it's the simple things. This is Lisa and I on the day my trip to Las Vegas was cancelled last December and she joined Ben & I to walk in the snow and visit our local haunt for breakfast

Lisa is the sister of one of my exs - sometimes break ups aren't always a bad thing because you get a good friend! Lisa shares the parking outside my flat so is always popping in for a chat after work and my days at the office would be dull without our email conversations getting me through the week

Lisa also seems to be my theatre pal, last year we saw Dirty Dancing but the funniest was going to watch The Rat Pack at Christmas time... the lights dimmed... the music started and Lisa announced how much she loved "White Christmas". The realisation that had nothing to do with the Rat Pack had us in stitches we missed the first 10 mins of the show! Not to mention the time we booked tickets on Christmas Eve to see The Nutcracker but never made it out of bar we'd met for lunch in beforehand!

And last but by no means least are my friends Sarah (also my SIL!), Rose and Nikki

Sarah might have been my brother's girlfriend first but due to his being stationed in Germany and serving in Kosovo for the first couple of years of their relationship it meant that Sarah hung out with us gals. Sarah is our Disney princess and Horror Movie Queen and she loves gossip! The first thing she asks me whenever we see each other is "what's been happening" she loves to hear stories! And most importantly she LOVES Christmas, no one gets as excited about Christmas as Sarah does!

Rose and I met on a train... well ok we saw each other in the pub once or twice but when we found ourselves catching the same train into London we decided to talk to each other and then nights out followed! Rose & I's friendship outlasted the nights out and I have lovely memories of her sofa watching Family Fortunes and X Factor as well some great stories from nights out which will remain in the vault! I even live in Rose's old flat now since she's moved on with her boyfriend Chris! 

And then we have Nikki... we broke up with boyfriends at the same time and there commenced our Crazy Summer as it is now known! Once again these stories will remain in the vault especially now she's married with two kiddies!!! 

So there you have it, my closest friends! 

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  1. Aww, a very lovely post, thank you for sharing!

  2. what a lovely read - I was WAY to private to share pictures of my friends for internet land ;'( but I do have friends - honest I do LOL

  3. A lovely post to honor your best friends; very nice.

  4. awww great post and what great friends - love the details of how you met them too :o) Scarlett x

  5. What a lovely post, Victoria - so interesting to read about all your friends and how you met them. Sounds like you've had lots of fun over the years. x

  6. What a lovely post, sounds like you have some firm 'life long, see-you-through-anything' friends there xxx

  7. Lovely post hun, it's wonderful that you have such special friends.
    Now, what about your online ones ;o)

    B xxx

  8. What a lovely post, and some lovely friends. I liked reading about how you met them, they're keepers for sure.

  9. I've got a lump in my throat as I read that. You must be a very special person to have such lovely friends sharing much love and laughs together, Lucey x

  10. What a lovely post :) We all need good partners in crime!! xx

  11. Friends come into our lives in all sorts of ways, it'slovely to read about the ones in your life.Thanks for sharing.
    Lisa x

  12. aww you're so blessed to have those lovely people as closest friends, the memories that you had with them are so beautiful and a treasure! love the photos and i enjoyed reading the post.

  13. Lovely post Victoria, and very good friends, and yes they are lucky to have you.

    Hugs Jill xx

  14. What a lovely post , it's great to put faces to names!.. Hope you are well hunny. Tx

  15. How very true your saying is. I only have a few friends and can count them on one hand, but they are TRUE friends....xx


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