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Review | William Morris Print Ecoffee Cup

reuseable coffee cup

I love my little home but there are many things I miss from living at home with my parents. The biggest, aside from zero rent of course was that evening morning before I'd head to work either mum or dad would bring me in a cup of tea whilst I was getting ready and set me up for the day.

Now it is down to me to supply that morning brew and it's well known that I'm left with barely enough time to make the train let alone enjoy a leisurely cuppa in bed. I don't find that tea travels wells so I get around this quandary by making a cup of coffee to accompany me on my morning commute, or at least I did whilst I was doing one! So far so good but it's the reusable travel cups that I am particularly fussy with. Ecoffee Cup sent me on of their rather stylish William Morris print offerings to see whether it met high standards.

Ecoffee Cups are made with natural, organic and biodegradable bamboo fibre and unlike the plastic offerings available will not taint the flavour of your coffee. Furthermore, in difference to the single use cups from the typical coffee chains the Ecoffee Cup is biodegradable. Once it ends its life, and that should be some years if you treat it kindly, you crush, soak in boiling water and add to your compost. If you're conscious of making more ethical choices then Ecoffee Cup could be a good place to start.

So how did I rate the Ecoffee Cup, which at £11.95 is not your cheapest offering when compared to the, admittedly less ethical options available at stores such as Primark.

My first concern was the lid which is a rubber type I'm typically not fond of as I find all I can taste is the rubber as opposed to my coffee. I was pleased that Ecoffee Cup is either a high grade or different substance, silicone I believe, that it didn't leave that cheap burst balloons taste in my mouth. The lid has a stopper which you open, fold over and pin to expose the hole to drink from.

Each Ecoffee Cup comes with a silicone sleeve to protect your hands from the head of your beverage which was well needed. I could be forgiven for thinking the Ecoffee Cup was ceramic as it felt very warm and was almost a nice treat for my hands as I walked to the station the other morning.

Much like drinking out of a mug at home, your drink won't stay piping hot for too long but long enough to enjoy your coffee on your journey.

Overall I was quite happy with my Ecoffee Cup but for one thing. Whilst not a deal breaker important to me when purchasing a coffee cup is that it is secure and many either leak or, in the case of the Ecoffee Cup have a small hole in the lid (in addition to the area you drink from). What this meant for me was that I couldn't put my Ecoffee Cup in my bag when I'd finished drinking so I popped it on the floor of the train at my feet until I got off. And forgot it! But for that I would be happily using over and over again and it's a shame as but for the pin prick of a hole that would cause liquid to escape it was very sturdy.

Do you use reusable coffee cups?

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