Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Gifts for your teens

Whilst I can always think of some beauty essential to add to my Christmas list as a beauty blogger and with an abundance of products already at my disposal I do miss my younger days when there would be an array of beauty gifts I'd be wishing for and sitting with the Boots catalogue circling products I neeeeeded.

I've rounded up a selection of beauty favourites that have come my way during the festive season which might be ideal for any of the younger ladies on your Christmas list, starting with the Magnitone which in fact you don't need to be a teen to enjoy. The Magnitone Precious Collection* is perfect for the holiday season in its jewel tones, in my case I have the Glitter Gold version. Cleansing brushes garner mixed opinions but despite being cautious when I first tried the Magnitone out in the Summer I'm really enjoying it. The Magnitone range is more affordable than many options and if you're looking to encourage a cleansing routine this is a good place to start.

There were worries that a cleansing brush such as the Magnitone would be too harsh, the horror of purging but I find it simply gives me skin a thorough clean and is no less abrasive than using a flannel. I use mine a couple of times a week, especially finding it useful on days when I've been lax in my usual routine and skin needs some extra attention.

Sticking with the skincare, Dermalogica is a brand I've used a lot during 2016 and the Dermalogica Clear Start* kit is great for those with oily and acne prone skins. A festively packaged set of three products that calm and rebalance the skin leaving it clear and refreshed.

A Cleansing Wash, a moisturiser for day and an overnight formula to go to work on a congested complexion in decent 15ml sizes that will allow you to try before you commit to larger sized products.

If in doubt make up can always be a hit Studio London* at Superdrug has many products in their range and I love the set of three sparkly nail varnish which can be worn alone or over the top of your existing nail colour ready for Christmas Day or planning ahead to your New Years Eve celebrations.

A sure fire hit with an hit is a product from on of our more famous YouTubers and the Tanya Burr 'It's Kissmas' Lip Gloss Duo* is already en route to the US to be opened by a special younger lady I know.

I love my Beauty Blender but it's not the most affordable option so I was intrigued to see how the Flutter Make Up Sponge* for only £1 would fair. Ok it's no comparison, it's certainly firmer than the beauty blender and is smaller in size but it works and it's been performing adequately when the former needs cleaning. This is a great stocking filler, especially with its cute packaging.

My final offering is Tribe Eau De Toilette* which if you're in your thirties like I am may remember, especially as they were sponsors of one of Take That's tours 'back in the day'. I was a regular wearer of this scent in my teens and I was transported straight back when I received a bottle of the scent making a comeback. If you want to share some memories with one of your younger charges this is a lovely gift to evoke some nostalgia.

What is on your teens wishlist this year?

*this post contains press samples and affiliate links

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