Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Perfume | The Perfect Christmas Gift

There's nothing that says Christmas gift to me more than fragrance gift sets. I'm sure I've received a bottle of perfume in one form or another every Christmas since I can remember, even back in the days when I wore the likes of LouLou.

At this time of year the fragrance gift sets come out in full force and Monsoon have joined the ranks releasing the Rose Gold Gift Set* which is accompanied by a scented body lotion for the festive season.

You may remember I first sampled Monsoon Rose Gold back in August and was once again surprised by the quality of high street fragrance contenders. Monsoon Rose Gold is a floral fragrance and not something I would typically choose but its a scent that I enjoy. Perfumed body lotions can be hit and miss but I'm happy with the Rose Gold offering. I might be wearing thick jumpers by day but at night the arms are out and I'm enjoying matching and adding to the scent with this body lotion in those areas. The festive season can often be spent enjoying food, lots of food so the heavy scents I lean towards would often be too overpowering so it's been nice to enjoy a more subtle option although I will be saving some of this bottle for wearing in the Spring when for me it'd be more suited.

Another surprise hit and a perfume I've been often in recent weeks has been By Invitation, the newly released fragrance from Michael Buble. If you have any women in your life that are a fan of Mr Buble I'm sure they'd love to open up his scent on Christmas morning. This too is floral but a warmer and more oriental scent that Monsoon Rose Gold and is the scent I'll choose if I'm out for lunch but perhaps that occasion might lead to drinks in the evening and I want a scent to last.

And in my opinion, if ever in any doubt, Chanel, always Chanel for a Christmas, for me particularly if you're wondering! I'm lucky to always receive a piece of Chanel here and there whether fragrance or something from their beauty line. I posted last year some of my Chanel picks for the holiday season and always a plus point is their gift wrapping. Chanel has a number of fragrances from the iconic Chanel No 5 or perhaps you know someone who'd like to try the new, more modern and lighter Chanel No 5 L'eau. Trust me, anyone who sees a Chanel gift bag under the tree will be very happy. Well I hope so as someone might be getting a gift from there.

If you're worried about choosing the right fragrance for someone then can I direct you to The Fragrance Shop App*. If you know at least one of the fragrances your friend or relative wears, or the type of scent they like you can enter details into the app and will be given suggestions on alternatives. I've spent hours on the App playing around trying to find new perfumes to try.

What fragrance is on your Christmas list this year?

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  1. I'm not a fan of fragrance gift sets, but that's just because so far I've been allergic to all of the body lotions in sets I've been given. So for me it feels wasteful. If I didn't have allergies, I would LOVE to receive a fragrance gift set. I'm pretty content with the perfumes I have at the moment, but I do have my eye on the Michael Buble and Carolina Herrera's Good Girl. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. I'll have to give Caroline Herrera's Good Girl a sniff when I'm out as it's not one I'm familiar with

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