Friday, February 5, 2016

Products I've used up | January 2016

My first empties post of 2016 featuring a variety of products starting with the last product to make it's way into the pile, Bumble & Bumble Thickening Shampoo. This is an old favourite of mine but as I rotated products around my bathroom I'd shifted this larger bottle into my travel stash and would use to decant into smaller bottles I had. I took those smaller bottles to Florida with me and fell in love once again with this shampoo I'm definitely tempted to make a repurchase very soon. 

I'm a big fan of La Roche Posay and the Physiological Cleansing Gel* didn't disappoint for it's formula, packaging and ability to see when it was sadly coming to an end. Apparently the formula contains ingredients so gentle that they're used in contact lens solutions but that doesn't mean that it's too soft to remove all make up and grime from your face at the end of the day. 

Regular readers will know I'm loyal to Sure Maximum Protection for my deodorant needs but I'm not against trying new products. In this instance it was Dr Organic Coconut Oil Deodorant* which whilst not a competitor for my regular product was a pleasant one to use at night time. If you're a coconut lover this is one for you. Another deodorant I tried was from Soft & Gentle* and unfortunately it just didn't pack the punch I need either. Just call me sweaty betty!

Hot on the heels of the shampoo is L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Conditioner, both of which are great products for giving thick, glossy locks. Definitely one for the repurchase list. 

The MonuSpa Body Buffer* was a complete luxury product that I loved using and shows why sometimes it's worth spending the extra few pounds for bath time product. Whilst I have a healthy stash of Soap & Glory Body Scrubs to work through I will be considering a repurchase for when I want an additional pamper. 

I've had the Elegant Touch Drama Queen false nails have sat in a draw at home for some time and they finally made an appearance for a friends birthday dinner after Christmas. Despite my intentions of a full on manicure as usual time escaped me and instead I reached for these. Unlike the House of Holland nails I'd used these were much smaller in size and whilst still giving me talons I was able to 'function' much easier. They did mean I was unable to type as freely as I would like so I did soak them off the next day but it was worth it for a quick fix before a night out. 

Cocoa Brown Tan* is well known for being a well performing affordable tanning product and I can see why. I seem to have a rather large collection of tanning products without the frequent use and I'm trying to change that, hence Cocoa Brown's tanner finding its way into the empty pile. 

I used Bobbi Brown Corrector for years and whilst there is still a small offering left an end of year declutter I decided to put this in the trash. I haven't reached for it in months and other products are used with more frequency. Yes it knocks out the colour of my dark circles and will not sit in my fine lines but I have other products that I prefer these days. 

A product thats more function rather than one I have much to say on, Nails Inc Base Coat was my go to first step in my nail regimes. Again my end of year declutter highlights the abundance of nail products available to me so there is no need for a repurchase yet and I'm comfortable that many base coat products I've used do the same job.

As I enter 2016 I've decided I need to be more strict with my mascara and rather than flog to death, let them go when the time is needed. Two that have had the boot recently are NYX Propel My Lashes* which I loved and will repurchase when the time comes and L'Oreal Lash Architect Mascara* from Just My Look which I didn't. I didn't enjoy the spindly brush nor clumpy look of my lashes. One very much, for the bin. 

I had been using YSL Touche Eclat for years and repurchased constantly. As I became less brand loyal, or shall we say experimental with my product ranges this product fell to the back of the draw and I don't know how long it's sat there. I have used sporadically throughout the year but as part of the already mentioned declutter it was time to let go. Yes I have my eyes on that collectors edition, stay tuned. 

Whilst on holiday and browsing the Sephora aisles I dithered whether to repurchase Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black in full size knowing the small rollerball had reached the end of it's life. In the end I decided to hold fire, sure I'll be in the US later in the year when I have less perfume lining my dressing table. 

And finally is Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion which was an amazing find last year. To target Keratosis Pilaris or chicken skin as it's known it's worth the price tag. I'm lucky that I only have a small patch on one of my legs but this cleared it up a treat. As usual with my usage I'm sporadic but nonetheless when used properly this product works a treat. The only reason I won't be repurchasing yet is I managed to pick up an alternative in the US, once again stay tuned!

*this post contains press samples 

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  1. I've been really loving the Cocoa Brown Tan at the minute! I really want to try some Bumble and Bumble products!! Heard so much about them x

  2. I seem to have amassed a whole load of 'stuff' for Christmas and try bits of each, so goodness knows when I'd ever get an 'empties list'. And then, of course, I chuck bottles out to recycle and then go 'oh'.
    I do think I need some new shampoo/conditioner combo. My hair is needing some TLC. I've used proper stuff from the hairdressers, so maybe it just needs an intense treatment thingy!
    Is the Elizabeth & James the Olsen Twins range? God, I love those two and their amazing wardrobes. Do wish they would polish their shoes tho'. Or get someone to do it for them! ME!!
    Love the sound of coconut deodorant, I think that's what I'm going to try from your list this time!
    Sorry. Rambled!

    1. I love a ramble! I'm surprised I'm always trying new things that I managed to get any empties. I have a bag in my airing cupboard that I always put things once they're finished.
      There's a new L'Oreal shampoo and conditioner out which I'm looking to try next I think.


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