Monday, February 15, 2016

Make Up Revolution Ultra Pro Brush Collection Review

Did I need new make up brushes? Not really but when I saw the the Make Up Revolution Pro for around £10 I couldn't resist - anything that meant I wouldn't have to clean brushes so frequently due to more choice.

We all know that Make Up Revolution is a budget brand whose make up really does take on it's higher end competitors but how would their brushes fare? I have a mix of brushes in my collection, predominantly Real Techniques with the odd Sephora or Mac brush thrown in for good measure but if these brushes, priced at a few pounds if purchased individually were a success this could be very good news.

Before continuing I can't seem to find this set available online to link up as it was part of a Christmas set, hence the gold detailing but I'm sure aesthetics won't be too much of a concern if the product works its magic.

The set contained six brushes; Powder Brush F104, Contour Brush F105, Stippling Brush F103, Eyeshadow Blending Brush E103, Eyeshadow Brush E101 and finally an Eyebrow Brush E104 which on opening I noticed that the bristles were extremely soft and they felt as much of a match for any luxury brand.

The Powder Brush, F104 is a nice size in comparison to Real Techniques Powder Brush which I find so big I rarely reach for it. If I'm more interested in an all over bronze look rather than contouring The F104 is just the thing for the job.

I am by no means an expert in Contouring but I do like to try. If I mean serious business I use the Nars ITA brush but day to day I'd use the contour brush in Real Techniques Core Collection. The Make Up Revolution Contour Brush, F105 is a very different to the Real Techniques in shape and perhaps better suited to blush. I've used for more subtle contouring if you can call it that but it is nice to use for blending out more focussed contouring.

I've yet to test out the F103 Stippling Brush which I'm keen to try with my cream products and see how it works on applying foundation. With a flat top will it be a competitor for my favourites the Real Techniques Buffing Brush or Sephora's Pro Airbrush #55.

Finally are the brushes for your eyes. I'm pretty faithful to my Mac eyeshadow brushes and have multiples and rarely stray but I do like to experiment with other brands blending brushes, especially if I'm in between cleaning. The Eyeshadow Blending Brush E103 is a fair competitor to the Mac 217 
Brush I love. It's much softer and less dense but still allows me to blend my eyeshadow out nicely.

Again I've not yet tried out the Eyeshadow Brush E101 or Eyebrow Brush E104 as I'm scared to stray from my Mac 239 or 208. I've only just replaced my 208 as I somehow lost the one I had and was using one from L.A.B.2 Strokes of Genius Eye Brush Set*. I use this style of brush to apply powders as eyeliner and L.A.B.2's offering was much thicker than what I was used to. It was nice to smudge things out and but I did miss Mac for thinner application.

I'm impressed with Make Up Revolutions brushes and at such an affordable price point. I think it's great to see high street brands battling the higher end in make up tools. The right brushes can really make a difference to how your make up applies and I think we've come a long way from sponge tipped applicators - although why brands are still including those with their products I don't know.

What make up brushes are your favourites?

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  1. Victoria, those brushes look beautiful!! I have a Mary Kay brush set that I use and the brushes really make a difference in your makeup. That seems like a good price too :)!

    1. Blogging has definitely taught me what a difference good brushes can make x

  2. I've not tried MUR brushes as I didn't think they would be any good, but I'm intrigued now, definitely need to check them out. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I was the same but I took a chance and I've been impressed. No shedding and cleaned up well so far.

  3. These brushes look fab! I'm terrible at cleaning my makeup brushes, so I tend to buy new ones a bit more than I should. I need to check these out!


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