Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Disney Holiday Day 2 | Universal Studios

We decided to visit Universal Studios for our first day and first park visit as it felt lower key than the Disney Parks. Unfortunately when we arrived the rain was pouring. By the time we'd made the long walk into the Park we were already rather wet.

After battling the rain to Starbucks inside the park and warming up with a coffee the rain was starting to ease off and me, Rob and Brody decided to experience our first roller coaster of the holiday, The Mummy. This is one of my favourite rides so I was excited and looked forward to seeing how Brody would enjoy it. Thankfully it got the thumbs up although despite the attention to deal whilst you work your way round the queue he did get a little bored.

After the obligatory photos at Jaws and taking a moments silence that the Jaws ride is no longer there we made our way over to Springfield. This was an area of the park new since my last visit and one that despite not actually being a viewer of The Simpsons was really looking forward to and I was dressed accordingly in my Krusty the Clown sweatshirt.

With rumbling stomachs it was call for a Krusty Burger. Sadly this was a little disappointing. Served canteen style you see them pull a grey looking burger out of a dish which rather spoils the magic. That aside it was pleasant enough and filled a hole and went rather nicely with my Duff beer. I had to keep these opinions to myself as we left and bumped into Krusty himself. And may I add he loved my sweatshirt!

Moving on it was time to visit Diagon Alley of Harry Potter fan. Again this area is new since my last visit and fun to walk around. I loved the Gringotts Ride although worryingly my niece said the scariest thing about it was Harry Potter! Seeing Kings Cross and red telephone boxes as we walked around was very strange I must say.

My brother and nephew decided to move onto the Transformers ride whilst I took advantage of a nearby smoking area. Next thing we heard the sound of Dora and her parade and Violet dragged my sister in law over. The parade was great fun and seeing Violets face as she met Dora, Diego and friends was touching.

As we made our way round the park we bumped into a few more characters for those special moments, watching Brody and Violet running up for cuddles really is priceless but one of the best was with Bumblebee. As we stood in the queue we waited to hear which song he would pick to communicate with us. It was the Beatles 'Hello Goodbye', appropriate for us Brits don't you think.

Have you been to the Universal Parks?

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  1. Your niece and nephew are so sweet! I've never been to Disney but am desperate to experience it. Looks like a great trip! x

    1. They can be quite cute! You must go to Disney it's such a fun holiday even if you're not 'into' the whole Disney thing.

  2. Aww it looks great - I love the pic of your neice with Dora!!

  3. This brings back so many memories, i can;t wait to get back here one day. Just you mentioning walking to the park brings it all back, walking along those travelators *sigh*
    I've not seen any of the Simpsons or Harry potter areas either, it looks fab from what you've shown in your photos and what I've seen elsewhere. Pleased you all had a great time x x

    1. Ah yes the travelators... I know it can take forever to get into the park but I love the build up and looking at everything as you walk through! x


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