Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Palmers Pedicure

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My favourite treatment at the salon is a pedicure and the one I'll always chose when I want a little pick me up. There's nothing better than sitting back in the comfy chair whilst someone scrubs and moisturises your feet. That said as we hope to enter warmer weather and dust off our flip flops it's time to pay a little bit more attention to our tootsies at home in between those salon visits.

I'm pretty good at applying foot cream having just said goodbye to my tub of Lotil Foot Cream I'm now back to using Palmer's Foot Magic* which is perfect for dealing with feet that have been tucked away but the other steps can be a little lacking.

You may remember I have dabbled with the Margaret Dabbs foot scrub but for the price point it wasn't anything special (read more in this post) and instead I was just giving a cursory scrub of my feet with any of my body scrubs I had to hand. Luckily Palmer's have a more budget friendly option, the Palmers Foot Magic Scrub* so I can now give my feet the proper attention they deserve.

Regular readers will see Palmer's products pop up on the blog quite a lot and I love their chocolately scent which unfortunately is missing from the Foot Magic cream but is very evident in the scrub. The Foot Magic scrub is grittier than the body scrubs I was relying on so is far more effective at ridding my feet of any rough or dry patches - particularly those heels as we think about layering on the fake tan.  

I also received the Palmers Cocoa Butter Heel Repair* which I was slightly dubious about wondering how easy to use would a stick be for tackling the contours of the feet? Whilst of course it's never going to get between the toes like a cream and your fingers will be for anyone that isn't a fan of feet this is perfect as you won't need to touch! 

Whilst I'm not squeamish in that way it is handy to use when you don't want to get greasy hands as this is an oily product so you can either apply from the stick and leave it at that or like I prefer rub over the feet and then rub in between toes and the like. This is also handy if you need some slip to get a tight pair of shoes on! And what the Foot Magic Cream lacks in that familiar scent the Heel Repair has in abundance. I actually leave the Heel Repair on my coffee table alongside my hand cream so that I can reach for it when I'm sitting in front of the tv and my feet need some attention. This is definitely my favourite product of the three as I've never felt my feet feel so smooth after using anything that hasn't required more than a quick swipe.

Do you look after your feet at home or leave it to the professionals?

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