Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cold Companions

Whilst I'm pleased to note we're now in Spring and daylight hours last a little longer I have still found myself with a sniffle or two as the weather struggles to make up its mind to be warm or cold. Only last week I left my tights and coat at home only for it to take a chillier turn and the rain started! When I get that sniffly feeling and fear a cold wants to attack I have a couple of favourite products I reach for to take a long hot bath.

First is the Ayumi Muscle Massage Bath & Body Oil* which I add to my bath and inhale the variety of essential oils that fill the bathroom. Of course if I were lucky I'd have a strapping young man available to offer me a massage which all Ayumi Oils are fit for but sadly a soak in the tub has to do.

Next is an old favourite, Molton Brown Eucalyptus Body Wash which I have been using for years. I had a panic recently when suffering from a blocked nose and couldn't find this as whether is psychological or not I always feel better after using.

Have you tried either or these products or have a recommendation for pampering myself when I feel a cold settling in?

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1 comment:

  1. Whilst I don't really like the aroma of eucalyptus, I must admit that it does seem to have healing powers lol! A few years ago I bought a sachet of muscle soak from M&S when feeling a bit achy and although I didn't enjoy the smell boy did I feel better afterwards. x


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