Monday, April 20, 2015

STEAMCREAM for face and body

When I had an opportunity to try Steamcream recently whilst I loved the concept and cute tins I was dubious to how well a moisturiser for the face would fair on the body and vice versa. Cute packaging aside let's look at first at the steam process used to make a lightweight formula that makes it suitable for both purposes.

Unlike other products that ingredients are bound together by a emulsifying process Steamcream uses a steam process which fuses the ingredients together instantly and creates this lightweight formula that will sink past the skins surface and keeping things softer for longer. 

Steamcleans simple hand made process means they invest in natural ingredients such as orange flower water and almond and jojoba oils. 

Steamcream can be used as a daily moisturiser for the face, a hand cream or body lotion and I was impressed to note it functioned for all three. Despite looking rather thick in the tin this is definitely a lightweight moisturiser that sinks instantly into skin and provides much need hydration.

As a moisturiser I was able to apply make up soon after applying and as a hand cream it's excellent as there is no slip yet hands feel moisturised and it even ticked the boxes when applied as a body lotion.

Of course then we have the cute packaging. Every month Steamcream release between 2-3 different designs on their website from everyday designs to seasonal which makes this a great gift for friends or family. The 75ml tins are just the right size for travel and would be perfect to serve triple duty when you're battling hand luggage restrictions - I wish I'd had this when I was visiting Edinburgh!

Would you ever use the same moisturiser on your face as your body?

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  1. Pretty tin. As for whether I'd use the same moisturiser for face and body, I think not, as I like plenty of fragrance in my body products, but am trying to avoid it on my face. Never say never, though - when needs must ...!!

    1. As I say it's handy for travel but understand I do miss the fragrance from a body lotion, especially on my legs now they're out for Summer!!


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