Friday, April 24, 2015

March 2015 Beauty Favourites

No the title is not a typo, this is indeed my March Favourites. Whilst I appreciate we're approaching April Favourites time and that will be following as I forgot to hit publish on this post I thought I would get it up quickly. It's also worth noting that I could've passed these off as my April favourites as all items are still very much featuring in my daily make up bag.

Rodial Instaglam Contouring Powder* link
First up we have the rather pricey but rather lovely Rodial Contouring Powder. I was gifted this after attending an event on how to contour like a Khardashian and I've been using this pretty regularly since along with my trusty Nars Ita brush. Whether I am as gifted as the Khardashians remains to be seen but nonetheless I'm finding this a very natural and easy product to use. Cooler toned than my other favourite product for contouring Sephora's Bronzing Powder in Los Cabos this feels dare I say more 'natural'. I use with a light hand day to day but build up when seeking an evening look. You can see it in action here and any other recent selfies!

Scrunchie Primark
My friend threatened to disown me when I told her about my love for my new Primark scrunchie. And despite laughing to myself remember that Sex in the City episode featuring much discussion about scrunchie I can't help but love it. During a shopping trip one evening and battling the crowds in Primark I needed something to tie my hair up. Rather than buy one of their packs of hairbands which I'd need to attack with my teeth to remove packaging I went for the easy accessible scrunchie instead. The joy of the scrunchie is that my hair doesn't feel to tight when piled on top of my head and nor does it take the usual effort and untangling normal hairbands require. Would I wear it out of the house again, probably not but am I looking for different colours and patterned ones to wear on holiday round the pool? Maybe….

Mac Lipstick in Red Balloon
I should apologise from the off for featuring a Mac Lipstick that was part of the limited edition Playland Collection (which you can read about here) and you can no longer get your hands on. I can  soften the blow by directing you to Temptalia's dupes page for some alternatives that I'm pretty pleased to see because when this runs out I'll be devastated. Despite the name this is most certainly not a red lipstick. It is pink. It's a bright pink but not too garish to be worn by day and as we've entered Spring and I've said goodbye to my berries this has been found on my lips many a day.

Laura Geller Baked Brûlée Blush in Apple Custard link
Another product that is perfect for entering Spring is the Apple Custard from the Baked Brûlée Collection. Laura Geller does fantastic baked powder products which I have used on and off over the years. This blush is a marbling of pink and bronze which adds a subtle highlight to the cheeks. I like to wear either on it's own for a subtle day look or over other pink blushes to add a little glimmer to the cheeks. You can read more about my Laura Geller make up collection in this post.

Japonesque Velvet Touch Eyeshadow Duo S2* link
I received this eyeshadow duo in a goodie bag last Summer and whilst it was pretty too look at I wasn't in any rush to try it. A decision I am since regretting as this handy duo has remained in my make up bag since I first picked it up. Both colours are highly pigmented eyeshadows that look lovely as a duo for a simple look with my regular red lipstick or combined with others to create a smokier eye. I also rely on the darker brown for using as eyeliner and if I'm in a pinch I can even do my brows.
The image above unfortunately doesn't show the beauty of the packaging so look out for an Instagram post today showcasing it. Each product you buy from Japonesque will be individual due to the gel pigments they swirl together which will continue to flow and blend before setting. For us beauty packaging fiends this is something worth having.

So there you have my March favourites, give it a day or two and you'll find out what I have actually loved this month.

*PR Sample

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  1. The Laura Geller blush looks gorgeous. Not a brand I've ever tried. x

    1. Have a look, I have a few bits from the brand and used various products over the years and they're good.

  2. I'm just catching up with all your posts, can I make a request for a 'bag collection' post? I need some eye candy!
    I'm planning my next bag purchase............... :D

    1. Ha I've got the photos taken for my most recent purchase so going to try doing that over the weekend! x

    2. Actually this reminds me I'm going to email you and ask you something on bag purchasing for another post I have planned!


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