Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Products That Didn't Work For Me #5

As I've mentioned in a few posts recently I am trying to work my way through overflowing drawers of products and work out what I do and don't like. Whilst I'm lucky enough to have access to and receive many products through blogging it's good to take stock and pass on the things I don't enjoy to homes where they will be appreciated.

The first product that didn't make the cut was the Anastasia Beverley Hills Perfect Brow Pencil. Perfect for me this was not. I actually purchased this in error believing I'd picked put the Brow Wiz which needing repurchasing. You can imagine the drama when I opened the box and the product was not there that I expected. Nevertheless I decided to give this pencil a try although was disappointed with the results. Whether it was my familiarity with the Brow Wiz and other similar products but this pencil was too harsh and not creamy enough to blend. I appreciate my skills may be lacking but I could not make this work for me and the brow wiz was repurchased and this pencil was ditched.

During one of my US visits there was a white nail polish phased happening so I picked up Essie's Blanc to try. For whatever reason it sat unloved for a long time till, as I've said I was going through my collection and decided to find out if this was a keeper. It's not hence it's appearance in this post. Again as I've said I've a small Essie collection of colours but I've always been impressed and happy with how they apply. Blanc was difficult to work with, it was like cheap watery tippex and need numerous layers to achieve opacity. How did I feel about white nail polish? Not for me, it felt like I was back in school painting on Tippex - just with a worse formula. If I was one to give myself a french manicure I might have kept it for that purpose but as I'm not it's off to a better home.

Finally rather than a product off to pastures new it's a group of, and that group is glitter. I have decided glitter is not for me. I'd blame my age but my mum loves and has always loved some sparkle on her nails and I often seen pictures or manicures either with all or an accent nail covered in glitter of some description and love it but for my stubby nails it's just not meant to be. On one hand I could keep the glitter just in case but quite frankly the effort required to just remove an accent nail of glitter vs the pleasure having it brings is just not balanced.

I'd love to know your thoughts on glitter nails, thumbs up or thumbs down?

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  1. Hmmm. Only at Christmas, I think. But then, I'm 46, and don't have the best nails in the world. :)

  2. My Mum often has glitter nails - at 66 years old! I often think our Mums would get on very well!

  3. Thumbs down, except maybe at Christmas or Halloween. x

  4. ah, I remember the tippex on the fingernails. Good times, good times.

    Have to admit I'm not a fan of glitter nails or nail art. I'm an old middle aged frump & set in my ways. Violet is 8, she loves glitter. And that tells me I shouldn't! ;o)

    I used a Dior eyebrow pencil, which is good, think the Chanel is just a smidge better, but I'm after the Armani Brow Maestro, planning on getting that at some point this year.

    1. The Armani Brow Maestro looks good, very similar to the Anastascia Brow Pomande. I'm just waiting for the arrival of the Rodial Eye Sculpt that was use on me at an event yesterday. Luckily with dark brows it's a double duty product for me x


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