Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chanel Nail Polish Collection

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Chanel Nail Polish. The product worthy of numerous Pinterest and Instagram photos and packaging that doesn't fail to make one happy on purchasing or to view sitting atop a dressing table. Unfortunately that is where the love ends as if I'm honest I wanted to call this post 'products that are crap but we still buy'. 

I was first introduced to Chanel nail colours with shade 113 Koala. My friend (who incidentally now hates Chanel nail polish!) gave this to me many years ago as a birthday gift and it started an obsession that went on for many years. My back catalogue of blog post features Chanel nail colours even before beauty blogging became a staple on Florence and Mary.

As the photo shows there is an abundance of reds all with slight differences, favourites being 475 Dragon (bought by Ben as he thought the name was amusing!) and 08 Pirate which I brought for a Pirate themed fancy dress party - always one to commit fully to a theme. 

I also had something of an addiction to the limited edition colours such as 657 Azure. So desperate was I to track one colour down (which is no longer in my collection) that mum eventually found it in a pharmacy in Ibiza.  

Of course there was the famous Rouge Noir which turned up in an empties post only recently but unfortunately as time as gone on and I am lucky enough to try various other nail polish ranges I'm realising what my friend has been telling me for years, Chanel Nail Enamel just isn't any good.

When I was using the range with acrylic nails they worked perfectly but now with natural nails they just do not stand up against the cheaper brands. Towards the end of 2014 I was particularly impressed with the Bourjois 1 Seconde range. I could paint my nails before bed and wake to no smudges and whilst nail polish doesn't last the weeks it does forever many this gave me almost a week or wear without chipping that is unheard. 

Wanting to maintain the love for Chanel I used one or two reds recently and I was lucky to last one day without chipping. I also find that the older they get and the closer to the bottom of the bottle you are the more difficult they are to apply. Sadly I was becoming more frustrated with a product I once loved.

It would appear that the lack of longevity you get from a Chanel Nail Enamel is well known although speaking to other fans they find the darker colours last longer than the lighter shades but agree that they don't fare as well as others.

It's an end of an era but for now and until the formula improves its time to stop the purchase of Chanel Nail Colours and stick to the better performing budget brands. I'm even going so far as selling my collection as pretty they may be it's time to move on. 

Is it just me or have you had the same problems with Chanel nail colours? 

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  1. well, we've already discussed this as you know, but I genuinely find the reds and deep colours last much better than the pales, and paint on better too. Emprise was a bit of a let down for me, as was Inattendu. Both similar, being pinky beiges, and both as streaky as cak when going on. Needed so many coats and ended up making the colours a bit 1970's in the process. And they chipped quickly.

    My favourite Chanel of all time was Flamme Rose. I suspect it's been discontinued (or renamed) as I've not seen it for a long time. It was the palest pink, so pretty, and unlike the other pales, went on well and streak free. If you ever find it, snap it up.

    Today I am wearing Black Swan by L'Oreal, and that's pretty good. I've been busy this a.m, baking cakes and shopping, and barely a chip. Impressive because my nails are in bad shape at the moment, flaky and torn, so it's harder for varnish to stay put in the first place!

    Will you do this on Dior too? I am a big fan. I've only got two bottles (same colour!), but I will be buying more. Good staying power.

    1. I'm glad they work well for you, I do think it often comes down to the nails and it's only of late I've started looking after mine. Even so with the odd gel manicure thrown in and I think just generally weak nails I struggle with most.

      I've never worn Dior nail polish before but heard good things so think I'll treat myself soon.

      V xxx

  2. Great post. I'm yet to find a good nail varnish - so I wear clear! Chipped nail varnish is not a good look!

  3. same here with acrylic nails it worked great but with natual nails they start peeling in 1 day. It is embarrassing. I wish they would make something that can stay a little longer. Grace xoox

    1. Agree with embarrassing and not what you'd expect for the price they are! x

  4. I totally agree! For the price they are, they just aren't that good! The brush is dead skinny and not easy to use. The formula is pretty rubbish even with my best topcoat on! Great pics though ;)

    1. Ha I liked the photos which made me sort of want to keep them but as you say the formula is awful even with the best top coat! x

  5. Gorgeous colours especially the blue!! Love them! have a look at my blog

  6. Have never been able to bring myself to spend that much on a nail polish (weirdly, as I seem to spend an awful lot of most other beauty products!!). Sounds like I haven't been missing out! x

    1. Isn't it funny what we can justify the pounds on. And you haven't missed out at all!


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