Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A-Derma Nutrialba Rich Nourishing Cream

As we entered the colder months of Winter I was starting to notice that my skin was becoming drier. Foundation wasn't looking it's best and it was time to switch from my favoured Vichy Idealia Moisturiser to something a little richer. Enter A-Derma Nutrialba Rich Nourishing Cream*.

As the name says this is a rich nourishing cream for dry delicate skin and whilst I wasn't suffering the severest symptoms I wanted to halt the possibility in it's tracks. Whilst I do have dehydrated skin and a tendency to dryness I do not like to use anything that is or at least feels too heavy so I had some reservations - all unfounded.

A-Derma Nutrialba Rich Nourishing Cream sits somewhere between a cream and gel texture which makes it almost lightweight. It's certainly heavier than my Vichy Idealia Moisturiser but not so much that I notice a different in application for my skins current needs.

The cream is certainly doing it's job as I have been using it daily for some months now and any dryness to my skin has gone, foundation is applying and appearing as it should and all is right with the world.

As mentioned my skin isn't 'severely' dry so I cannot comment on it's performance in that respect but if you are just experience the dryness to your skin that Winter and it's accompanying elements brings I'd certainly seek this product out next time you're in Boots.

If I have learned anything about skincare during 2014 it's the need to change products to your skin's needs, never more so than when the seasons changed. Its almost common sense to me now to switch products as necessary and my skin is thanking me for it.

*PR Sample
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  1. I love this stuff. Haven't used it in ages, but its a gooden for sure!! X


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