Tuesday, January 20, 2015

City Social Dining

City Social sits atop Top 42 in the City of London and is part of Jason Atherton's 'global empire'. All this was news to me and I was sold when my friend invited me to dinner and mentioned champagne. Unable to get a table in the restaurant we found ourselves in the Social Bar which whilst I can't speak with experience I think suited me far better.

Dark, mysterious and sophisticated the bar was full of life for a Saturday evening in the usually quiet City. We had a fantastic table in the full length window looking out across London and iconic Gherkin building. Glasses of champagne in hand we couldn't have been happier.

Before we dived into the menu we decided to move on from champagne to some cocktails. Usually I have a pretty reputation with picking a cocktail but boy did I get it wrong on this occasion. I chose the L'Amuse Goose; Tanquery No 10, gooseberry liqueur, cocchi Americano, absinthe, lemon juice, dehydrated gooseberry raisin. It was awful so much so I couldn't drink it, and let me tell you that never happens. All I could taste was something like sambuca, absolutely foul. Lisa made the much better choice of the Cocchi Buck; Lemon zest infused cocchi americano, ginger syrup, citrus, soda, tankard, ginger wafer

After the disappointing cocktail choice it was time to move onto food. As I mentioned we were unable to find a table in the restaurant so it was the 'bar snacks menu' to choose from. Firstly as you will see there was nothing about this menu that says bar snacks to me - no breaded mushrooms here! And secondly I think I rather preferred picking off this menu heathen that I am.

Whilst we of course shared our starters I picked the Goats Cheese Churros with truffle honey and Lisa the Smoke Pork Empandas, harissa and red onion compote. Whilst not a fan of the traditional churro I do love goats cheese so these were my obvious choice. I think it's difficult to cook and/or serve churros without them being greasy and whilst these were enjoyable and certainly not comparable to the less options offered elsewhere there was still something about these that made them feel that way. Despite this they all disappeared. The Smoked Pork Empandas were delicious and I can find no fault.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that I went for steak. I am not experimental with my food, try a mouthful of someone else's dish maybe but when it comes to dining out I know what I like and I made the right choice for me. Fillet steak served with duck fat chips and a glass of red. There are no words for how amazing this was. Cooked to perfection, a delicious bernaisse sauce - I was in heaven.

Lisa went for the Traditional Fish Pie with lobster. Whilst this would be my worst nightmare (I don't eat any seafood) I won't argue that it look amazing and she was very happy with her choice.

City Social, or specifically Social Bar is the perfect location for a first date or catch up with a girlfriend. The ambience is the perfect mix of lively atmosphere, buzzing with activity yet still enabling you to talk comfortably.

If you're looking for a great night out with food and drinks then I'd highly recommend you booking a table - just stay away from that cocktail.

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  1. Omg it looks like the lobster has committed suicide in a pile of mash - lol!! Did he fall or was he pushed in!!! Shame about your cocktail it looks lovely from the pic before I read what you had I thought it was a mojito xx

  2. I loved the Social Bar too. You really can't beat that view!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  3. goats' cheese churros.
    I absolutely need these in my life!
    I'm not one for cocktails. The nearest I get to one is a decent Kir Royale! Other than that I'm a white wine or champs kind of girl :O)
    Same as you when it comes to eating out. I know what I like and I like what I know. No need to try anything different, just go with the classics.

    Glad I've just scoffed a big old salad, or I'd be cranking up the oven right now!

    1. I love a cocktail but I'm happy with a glass of wine or champers don't worry. Keep up with the salads! x

  4. Shame about the cocktail!! But the food looks good, though need to conquer my fear of heights to get up there...

    Rosie xx

    1. Oh yes it's not a good location for those who don't like heights!

  5. Oh, that all looks amazing - you've made me want it all. Other than the cocktail - anything that even vaguely resembles Sambuca makes me retch - ewwwww!

    1. I kept trying to drink it and usually I can manage but this there was no way!

  6. what a fabulous place! Everything looks amazing Grace xoox


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