Thursday, November 13, 2014

Top Four Winter Body Lotions

Applying body lotions seems for many a beauty lover the most unloved task, myself included. I go through phases sometimes enjoying the ritual and others finding it a complete bind but it's something I want to change for many reasons. Today I have four different types of body lotion all which serve different purposes and as such have seen an increase in their usage.

Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Lotion link
I first heard about Ameliorate from the British Beauty Blogger and so intrigued was I that I ordered immediately. Ameliorate is your, shall we say treatment body lotion, it's main draw being that it helps improve Keratosis Pilaris what's more commonly known as 'chicken skin'.

I am lucky in that I don't suffer from this in great amounts but do have a patch on one of my legs from crossing them that over the years no exfoliating or body lotion applying has helped and I thought that maybe Ameliorate would do the job, so much so that I paid £27.50 for a tube of body lotion which wasn't sitting in the luxury bracket.

There were some high expectations from me on this product and I'm pleased to say that it met them. Due to it's cost and the realisation that it would have to be applied with frequency to do it's job meant that I have been rather diligent in application and as such have certainly seen a change in the skin's appearance in the area. Obviously I'm not perfect so I have had moments of not using this product and/or using the others that I'll mention so I'm happy that miracles haven't occurred especially as when I'm still crossing me legs and thus causing the main reason for the problem only so much can be done.

It was actually quite rewarding seeing the tube start to empty even if I am mindful of it's cost to replace which I will happily do so. If you suffer from exceptionally dry skin and or chicken skin this is definitely worth looking into.

Roger & Gallet Lait Sorbet Body Lotion* link
When I was asked if I'd like to try the Sorbet range from Roger & Gallet I was keen, especially as I'd always only associated them with soaps for some reason. It's one of those brands that seems to pop up at Christmas or in independent pharmacies that I'd never paid much attention to which will certainly change now.

There are four scents of which I have two, Bots D'Orange and Gingembre. As you can imagine due to my love of Citrus scents Bois D'Orange is my favourite and suited perfectly to this time of year as we move into Clementine and Satsuma season. Each Sorbet body lotion is enriched with botanical oils which help to keep skin hydrated as well as others to leave a luminous finish on the skin. These are my pamper time favourites and the pump bottle is perfect for ensuring tubes aren't slipping out of your hands. The texture is almost gel like yet thinner in that it glides over the skin and sinks in without having to stand around before you can pop clothes on - which is of particularly interest due to the colder evenings. All components of these body lotions makes using them a pleasure rather than a chore.

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Lotion* link
The Vaseline Intensive Care range of body lotions sits nicely in your no nonsense budget category. A particular favourite of mine is the Cocoa scent although lately it's been the fresh cucumber scent from Aloe Soothe Lotion that has been reached for on days when skin feels a little drier than I would like or I've been a bit overzealous with a razor. I like to use this on my knees and elbows which have slight psoriasis and find this does just the trick to cool the area. This would be amazing in the summer if you were to find yourself with a little sunburn and proved just as useful when I've burnt my fingers on the oven. You might expect a body lotion from the high street for only a few pounds would be watery or sticky but this range sinks into skin nicely and leaves skin moisturised.

How Now Brown Cow Gradual Tanning Cream* link
MooGoo Skincare is a brand I was not familiar with that hails from Australia and specialises in products for psoriasis and eczema suffers. Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow recommended How Now Brown Cow Gradual Tanning Cream in GOOP so I certainly thought it was worth trying. I always find it funny that we faux tan in Summer when the sun is out doing it's thing but come Winter and the festive season when there's more change of us being dressed in our finest and photographed to the max we look like Caspar the ghost. A gradual tanner was just the thing to see me through the next few months with a formula that still acts as a moisturiser for the skin. This is definitely a product for those wanting the subtle effects. Again like Ameliorate I probably do not use diligently enough to see myself go from Caspar to Gisele but it certainly takes of the edge of Winter skin and gives me a warmer colour in between faux tans. This is a very thick cream which does take some working into the skin so you would need to leave some time before popping your pi's on but the yellow tinge of the cream means you are able to see where you have applied. Don't be fooled into thinking my subtle talk means you don't need to wash your hands after this because I made that foolish mistake and was demonstrating some lovely brown patches between my fingers for some time! If you love natural products and a bit of colour to your skin this could be just the product for you.

So there you have some current favourites I'm using at the moment. Let me know in the comments if you're a diligent body lotion user or like me need some encouragement.

*PR Sample

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  1. Sorry, not related to this post, but I tried a search and came up empty. I was sure I saw a review of some Smashbox products on your blog. Am I right? Have you tried them? Thoughts? Thinking about making a purchase for my daughter for Christmas.

  2. Love the idea of a gel like consistency! I like when it soaks fast into the skin, so I may give this Roger Gallet a try! Thanks for sharing!

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

    1. Let me know if you do try it they are lovely both in formula and scent! x


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