Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Renunail Nail Colour in Pomegranate Review

Renunail Nail Colour, Pomegranate* link
It wouldn't be unfair to say I love planning my holidays almost as much as the holiday itself and my Vegas trip was planned down to the exact detail including beauty treatments prior to departure, one of which was a Biosculpture Manicure.

Unfortunately 'just one drink' after work on my last day in the office led to many and as I was leaving a club at 830am the next morning it was quite evident I would be not be making that 9am appointment. Thankfully Dr LeWinn's latest release in the Renunail's range was on hand to save the day.

With a lingering hangover which confined me to the sofa there was no way I would be making a trip into the outside world until I was ready to board my flight so it was time for an at home mani, about all I was up for. I was conscious that whilst there are many top performing nail colours in my collection after a day or two there would be the inevitable chips appearing and I didn't want to take an arsenal of nail polish remover, nail colours and top coats to spend my evenings repairing any damage. 

The Renunail Nail Strengthener is a cult product in the beauty world and you may remember my review of the Nude shade I posted back in May here. It's a great product to aid nail strength and I've actually been using it a lot lately whilst suffering from a cold and lack of motivation to dedicate time to a painting my nails but wanting to avoid breakage. 

Dr LeWinn's have now added colour to the famous Renunail Nail Strengthener which meant that whilst I would not have the sturdy biosculpture mani I would have both the perfect shade in Pomengranite for a holiday in the sun whilst ensuring my nails were strengthened and the colour would last during my trip.

I was extremely impressed that whilst I went for two coats, just one gave the high shine glossy finish I love. I did take the bottle with me and it's actually taken so long for me to post this review as I couldn't find the bottle and feared I had left it as a parting gift to Caesar until mum turned up having pinched it from me!

I did experience a few minor chips during my trip towards the end which wasn't unexpected due to fighting with luggage and playing around with cameras and such but I was able to apply another coat to tidy things up and because of it's glossy coverage no top coats were needed. Mum too put some on her nails and wasn't fussed about top coats either. 

Currently there are only five colours in the range, with I'm sure one to suit everyone from Marshmallow, a pale pink to a very season appropriate Dark Plum. I'd love to a see a fuchsia pink and true red appear in the collection as this range is definitely one that appeals and saves some pounds on other treatments. 

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