Monday, November 10, 2014

Lush Seasonal Haul

Cinders Bath Bomb link
I must confess I've never been a big Lush fan finding their products gimmicky and can remember days out shopping with friends when I would refuse to go into their overwhelming scented stores. Obviously over recent years I've become more open with my beauty tastes and have begun dabbling with various Lush products and been pleasantly surprised. As you will see with the following items I've recently used it's actually the products qualities I'm impressed with and less the gimmicky side so it shows how wrong you can be. I must also add that my bath is beige so I don't always get the colour benefits that a white bath would give so do bear that in mind if I'm critical there.

First up the Cinders Bath bomb which is part of the Christmas range launched recently and was a bit of a disappointment for me. I don't know if my water was too hot but it appeared to disappear rather quickly with no crackling to speak of. The colour doesn't lend itself to anything to pleasant turning a mustard shade and there minimal bubbles to speak of. Luckily the scent saved it from being a complete dud although again I didn't find it overwhelming which having a look around it seems most people state the size of this bath bomb may be where the problem likes.

Fizzbanger Bath Bomb link
The Fizzbanger I did enjoy and as implied above maybe the size of this bath bomb is where it comes into it's own. Nothing to look at but a big yellow ball it took quite some time fizzing around my bath and I can't deny I was amused watching it take effect. It didn't kick into it's fizz banging qualities till the blue colours were released but there was the distinctive snap, crackle and pop which made me smile and of course watching the small square of paper shouting 'bang' release itself. 

The scent was stronger from the Fizzbanger and lingered during my bath although not overwhelming but I was particularly impressed with how soft my skin felt just from the soak in the tub. Apparently this product contains Petitgrain which is used to calm breathing, slow the heartbeat and reduce feelings of anxiety. Whilst none of these are cause for concern I definitely felt that I had had a relaxing bath and was able to climb into bed quite relaxed.

Sparkler Bath Bomb
Another disappointing product which was saved only for the glittery sparkle in the bath that was left. Again this bomb disappeared quickly, no bubbles and just a milky film in the bath with the mustardy colour which doesn't feel enjoyable to lay in. Again the gimmicks aside the scent was pleasant if short lived and skin was left feel soft to touch.

Candy Mountain link
Candy Mountain part of the famous Snow Fairy scented products  that hit Lush every Christmas. As mentioned these products have escaped me each year so far and I can't quite understand how a sweet smelling range becomes such a Christmas institution. That aside I love vanilla scents and found that this filled my bathroom and created a mountain of bubbles to provide an enjoyable bath time treat. Would I mark this out as part of my Christmas traditions, probably not but as a standalone product I'm a fan. 

Finally we have the Halloween Sparkly Pumpkin which unfortunately already appears to have disappeared from the website but you may find in stores. I was able to get too baths from this bar and both had an abundance of bubbles having mastered my bath running technique to ensure maximum effect from the Lush products. The disappointment with this product is that it isn't pumpkin scented which I would have enjoyed as a preference but otherwise this is a great seasonal gift for teachers or Halloween party hosts. Most people seem to complain about cleaning the glitter from their baths after using this product but I'm pleased to say that I didn't find it a problem so that is a thumbs up from me.

As you will have read the products were mixed in favour for me although I did find it a pleasure to use them all and was definitely impressed with how my skin felt after bathing which is more important than where I received sound affects of colour displays. Lush bath bombs are definitely fun to explore and if you want to treat yourself to something for a few pounds these are a great idea if not pricey for a per use breakdown.

I'll definitely be returning to my Lush store shortly as there's a few more items from the Christmas range I want to try out. What about you are you a Lush fan?

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  1. I have seen these LUSH bath bombs everywhere! And I want one! They look so beautiful too


    1. They certainly smell amazing before even putting them in the bath!! x

  2. Most of my friends feel the same way about Lush and don't really look forward to go there but I quite like it. I love having a good Sunday bath and I find it adds a little something fun :) I love the rose and twilight bath bombs!

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

  3. I like the fun Christmasy ones as stocking stuffers. There is shower bath gel starlight twighlight (don't remember) but it is only out during the Holidays so get that. Grace xoox

  4. So many goodies, I bet they smell amazing! :)

  5. I haven't been to Lush in so long now, my wishlist is huge! x


  6. Loving lush at the moment dropped some hints for Christmas-I've bought a couple of the long bath bombs but broke then up rather than use it all in one go as the seemed massive for the bath x

  7. I love lush. I can't wait until their Boxing Day sale I bought loads last year! Xx
    Glossy Boutique

  8. Candy mountain looks so cute! <3 x

  9. I'm not a Lush fan - like you, I think the products are a bit gimmicky - and jolly expensive, too, for one bath! I might be tempted, though - never say never! x

    1. I can't deny that my spare room smelt amazing just from having a bag of the products, if there's something you like the sound of it's worth trying x


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