Friday, November 21, 2014

At Home Manicure with Scholl

Scholl Manicure Set* link

I was excited to receive the Scholl Manicure Kit* recently as I'm dreadfully lazy at doing my nails. As you'll have read in previous posts I dabble with Biosculpture Nails but have been known to miss one or two appointments and then laziness or lack of time prevents me to dedicating the time needed.

Hopefully the Scholl Manicure Kit would help speed up the process and make things a little easier. So what does the kit contain? Firstly you have a handy travel pouch to keep everything contained and mine has had one or two other products I use thrown in such as orange sticks and my Renunail Strengtheners.

I'm always dubious of these sorts of electronic beauty gifts as more time consuming but it's not the case with this handy gadge. The main component or 'pen' is chargeable so you only require mains access when charging and so far I have used this pen on numerous occasions and yet to need to recharge.

Nine different attachments tend to all your nails needs:
  1. Sapphire shaping disc to gently shape and file nails
  2. Fine grained sapphire disc to file thicker nails and shape them perfectly
  3. Course grained sapphire disc to shorten thicker toe nails
  4. Sapphire cone to remove dry skin or calluses from the soles of the feet and heels
  5. Felt polishing cone to smooth and buff nails for a high shine finish
  6. Flame stone to help remove difficult edges and ingrowing nails
  7. Rounded stone to gently remove corns and calluses with soft repeated touches
  8. Cylindrical stone to smooth the nail surface and remove dead skin around the nails - ideal for the regular surface of toe nails
  9. Polishing cone to smooth and polish the edge of the nail after filing as well as the nail surface.
I've found reason to use all the attachments which again is something you often find doesn't always happen. The discs for toenails are perfect and whilst I still enjoy using my Leighton Denny file for my hands it's something of a waste on the feet.

I do have a bit of an ingrowing nail problem on one of my toes and after a day walking round in heels can suffer from hard skin and it's great that I don't have to go through the effort of soaking feet to use these attachments and I can maintain the process on a regular basis as I'm not relying on trips to the salon.

As I said I often find these are the sort of gadgets that you use once or twice and then they sit at the back of a draw but the ease and results from using the Scholl Manicure Kit means it will most definitely have a permanent place in my kit.

Are you a beauty gadget fan? 

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  1. That sounds good. I'm rubbish at filing my nails, they end up worse then when I started! Of course I would never pay for a manicure. Would this be any good for me? xx

    1. If you just want something to file nails I'd go with the Leighton Denny crystal nail file - as it makes filing nails a breeze and stops them from splitting etc.

      I particularly like the Scholl set for doing a full manicure so tackling cuticles and ridges etc. I'd say it's only worth it if you'll go the whole hog for a manicure x


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