Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pay Day Beauty Haul & Repurchases | Part 2

Carrying on from yesterday's post here is part 2 of my recent pay day haul, just don't think of the cost think of the advantage card points!

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer link
L'Oreal Age Perfect Refreshing Toner link

Ok so we have two toners here and could I have lived with only one, yes but then it is nice to mix up ones products between the day and morning routines. For this repurchase of Liz Earle's Skin Tonic Spritzer instead of the usual bottle. I thought it'd be perfect for the mornings to give me an extra wake up call which is often needed. L'Oreal's Age Perfect Toner has a scent I favour for the evenings. This is a great sized and affordable toner which I like having to hand.

Liz Earle Eyebright link
Again this is a product I could've lived without but I missed having to hand. There's something more pleasurable about sweeping this across the lids in the mornings to remove those last traces of sleep that a cleanser or micellar water doesn't provide. As a contact lense wearer this is a must have for me and has soothed the eyes on many occasions whether it's from tiredness, early starts or a bout of hayfever.

Now we move on to the boring things, not the most glamourous nor exciting of products but all have a vital place in my bathroom cabinet. 

Quattro for women razors link
I posted about the Wilkinson Sword Quattro Razor back in May and such a fan that when the time came to repurchase blades I was happy to do so. Whilst I still enjoy my disposables and have some more to feature from Wilkinson Sword soon there's an ease from having a standard razor on hand. Disaposable razor's will always have their place but so will this razor.

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant link
I've mentioned Sure Maximum Protection on numerous occasions and you will all know by now that it's my go to deodorant and an unsurprising repurchase.

Colgate Toothpaste link
Any finally toothpaste, even less exciting than razor's and deodorants. I have no brand loyalty where toothpaste is concerned and these were purchased for the fact they were on offer. Usually they're thrown in with my weekly supermarket shop but on this occasion seeing an offer and thinking in for a penny in for a pound they were thrown in to the shopping basket.

So that's this month's pay day haul and my bank account hopes is poorer for it. Until next time, tell me what you have been repurchasing.

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  1. I so enjoy seeing all the "different" products! Grace xoox

    1. I can't wait to show you our drugstores in London next year! x

  2. I wish I could get into a proper skincare routine. I'm so rubbish with the whole cleansing and toning malarky, then I moan about the state of my skin. Life is so unfair!

    Corinne x

    1. I was dreadful for years and I still can't get completely into the double cleanse of an evening but otherwise I love my new routines! Just get into the habit xx


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