Thursday, October 23, 2014

A-derma Hydrating Light UV Cream Review

I've talked before how prior to beauty blogging I didn't pay much attention to swapping beauty products out depending on the seasons but that's all change now and A-derma's Hydrating Light UV Cream* was a Summer saviour.
I appreciate Summer is but a distant memory for us Brit's you may be lucky enough to be jetting after to warmer climes soon or even better living somewhere with perputal sunshine so I thought it deserved a worthy mention.
I have just finished my tube of this moisturiser having used it in the mornings throughout the Summer with great results. Typically A-Derma is a brand that specialises in products for sensitive, dry or eczema prone skin which are not concerns for me but the Hydrating Light UV Cream offers immediate and long-lasting hydration which protects from environmental stress which is something to consider due to my working week in London.
This is quite a small tube at 40ml than what I'm used to from a moisturiser, usually around 50ml but it's a thinner consistancy than most and still lasted a number of months and was the perfect size to accompany me on my trip to Las Vegas. The tube rather than a pot or tube made it ideal and for those who don't enjoy dipping fingers into products it's perfect.
As mentioned there's no more humid heat than Vegas and I found this (along with Benefit's POREfessional) provided the perfect make up base for my trip. Despite it's thinner texture it was not watery and felt both soothing and hydrating to the skin without being greasy.
I'm switching to a heavier product as the weather cools down and the central heating is turned up but I'll definitely have this moisturiser in mind for warmer weather.

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  1. It's sounds good, I'll have to remember for next summer!

    Have a great weekend! xo

    1. Or your next exotic holiday! ;o)

      Have a great weekend too xx


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