Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday - I'm BACK!

I’ve been absent from Weight Loss Wednesday for some weeks now but a lesson has been learnt so of course I must share!

My WeightWatcher plan fell by the wayside during my big move especially on the days spent at the flat before I was living there and relying on takeaway meals. Because of this and the feeling I’d put on weight anyway I gave myself “time off” from my WW plan

In addition to takeaways I’d not taken any notice of portion sizes, abandoned my pre-measured portions of cheese for work, dived head first into bags of Haribos and discovered Snickers flapjacks

Monday it was time to get back on the wagon and I jumped on the scales waiting to see just how many lbs I’d piled on and would you believe I’d only put on 1.5lbs!

I’d spent the past couple of weeks feeling fat when there was no need. I wasn’t right back where I started and just think if I’d followed the plan when I could rather than casting it aside completely the chances are I would’ve stayed the same or even lost weight

The lesson here is certainly you can fall off the wagon for a day or two but don’t let it ruin your whole week or month. If you go to lunch with friends and can’t say no to the chocolate cupcake with your coffee, go for it…. but don’t think you’ve now ruined it and you may as well eat 10 more!

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  1. You lucky girl you!!!
    I put THREE on last week!!!
    Mind you,with all that to-ing and fro-ing, lumping and humping you have been doing moving in, I guess you have worked it all off.

    Tee hee!

    Love C. X

  2. Love your thinking V.
    WW has fallen by the way side for me too, so "i'm on a break" as Ross from friends would say and all WW will resume on monday. Although my Mum has become a helper at her group on saturday and wants to take me along!!!
    Hope the flats going well.
    Luv Sophie xxx
    PS I have become addicted to Malteser bunnies & cadbury caramel bunnies which isn't good!!

  3. You are exactly right. Just pick up where you left off and keep on moving forward. Lots of your new skills were with you even on your mini break... hugs, Linda

  4. Well that's not too bad, get back on the plan now and you'll have that off by next week. Good luck

    Hugs RosieP x

  5. Well you know what Cheryl said to Barbara on the Royle family..."I'm on a "nut" diet but I didn't have any nuts so I had 2 snickers and a topic instead"!!! hehe (I love that programe) Love Lucey xx

  6. I have never seen Snickers Flapjacks!!! Where have I gone wrong!!!! Good luck this week!!!

  7. Wow, snickers flapjack! That looks good! It probably was all the moving about you were doing! Congratulations on completing your move, your new flat looks so lovely :-)

  8. It's never as bad as we imagine eh! Not seen those flapjack thingies but like Sophie I am slightly addicted to the malteser bunnies :o) x

  9. I ate everything that wasn't nailed down last week and only put on a quarter of a pound....I'm not being very good this week either and feel fat so hoping I don't get a nasty surprise on the scales!!!

    oh and snickers flapjacks - yum....must resist though!!!


  10. With all the effort of moving in and building furniture etc you've obviously been burning lots of calories. The flat is looking great.

  11. Can I blame your move on my larding??? ha ha I'm e=well pleased I only put on a couple!

  12. I have definitely fallen prey to end of winter tight jeans syndrome - too much cake and too much sitting in by the fire! I have had to give up cake in between meals which is quite upsetting. I am glad that you are doing well, though!

    Pomona x


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