Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

It's Mother's Day in the UK so I thought I'd re-publish a post I did a few years ago on my previous blog in her honour

Here's some photos and facts about my mum!

We all joke MI5 would have trouble cracking the code in mum's text messages!

Friends will pop round and ask "where you going tonight, you look nice" and mum is going nowhere she just likes to dress up to have dinner with my dad

She runs all my errands whilst I'm at work... dry cleaning... post office runs
My dinner is ready every night I get home from work and she does all my washing and ironing... declicately handwashing anything that needs it!

Every evening she brings me up a cup of tea and a biscuit (sadly she hasn't delivered any to my flat although I have come home from work to find her doing my washing up!)

She hates to hear of anyone going without and has loaded friends and family with goodies from the cupboards... only yesterday I mentioned having to pick up some perfume for a friend from a cheaper brand because they were short of cash this month and she produced some small tester bottles from her draws to give her instead

Mum loves entertaining and tends to host a number of family events at our home.... she's always found some extra something to put on the table - she was my first teacher before Martha!

If mum reads something in the paper she'll pull the pages out and put them on my bed to read and we take it turns with passing on books and magazines we've read that we know the other will too
Mum is a die hard shopper.... she'll announce she's cutting back one week and the next is strolling home from Fortnum & Mason armed with shopping bags...

In New York last year I took mum to a Super Target for her first visit. We had 1 hour before our taxi came to collect us.... We seperated for ease... when i tried to track mum down 40 mins later she was still in the same place I'd left her!

My mum is crazy... fun....caring and I wouldn't be without her and most of all I LOVE her!
I hope you enjoyed hearing about mum today and wishing you all a lovely Mother's Day

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  1. Well a very Happy Mother's Day to you, Mum! It is quite apparent how much your daughter loves you!

  2. Ooo I love your mum, I think I need to kidnap

    Lovely post,

  3. Happy Mothers Day Mummy C! If I give her a key do you think she will come do my washing up?

  4. What a great mum, hope she has a nice day. What do you have planned? :) x

  5. You sure thaty's your mam??? you look more like sisters to me, two peas in a pod. It's clear you love your mam very much Victoria. (Does your mam have a blog too???) Hope you spoil her today, love Lucey xx

  6. Aren't Mums brill?!

    I have had a beautiful handmade card from 1 son, an IOU from the other!

    Have a lovely day with your super smashing Mum.


  7. What a lovely post! Your mum is a diamond. Mine too!

    I was presented with a little 'No 1 Mum' trophy yesterday. It's tiny, but it made me cry so much!!! What a sap!

    Have a lovely day xx

  8. have a great day with mum... not long now to another trip to Target!... catch up soon hugs Tx

  9. Your mum is amazing! Its just wonderful when your mum is also your bestest friend. How are you going to spoil her today?

  10. what a lovely tribute to your Mum, Victoria! It's obvious she loves you as much as you love her! Happy Mother's Day to her! Suzie

  11. Yay for Christine!!! Happy Mothers Day!!

  12. What a wonderful tribute to your Mum Victoria!! I forgot Mother's Day was today in the UK-it is in May here in the States. I hope your Mum has a wonderful, wonderful day today! You two always looks so fabulous together you can just see the love!

  13. Victoria, what a beautiful tribute to your mum. She sounds like such a lovely person. Twyla

  14. Aren't we lucky to have such lovely Mums ? yours sounds a gem.
    twiggy x

  15. Mums are quite simply the best things on the planet in my opinion :o) Especially when they do the housework for us, tee hee xx

  16. Oh Victoria this is sooo sweet! Your mum looks great and sounds like a lot of fun. I do hope you gave her a large box of tissues today ;-)!

  17. That's such a lovely post.
    Hope your mum had a great day.
    Lisa x

  18. Aww such a sweet post Victoria! Your mum sounds lovely, my mum is a shopaholic too :)


  19. It was lovely to re-read your great tribute to your very cool mummy! xxx

  20. Ahh your post made me feel a little choked up...It is wonderful that you have such a lovely Mum
    Morwenna x

  21. your mum sounds wonderful Victoria...lucky you xx

  22. Your mother sounds wonderful! It's great that you are so close.


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