Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All over for another year!

And so after weeks of build up Christmas whizzed by in a flash!

Did you have fun?

The day itself was great fun for my family and I reminding us all of those when my brother & I were young due to this little Santa lookalike


Wrapping paper, ribbons and boxes littered our front room




I was lucky enough to receive some fabulous presents


(spot the new ice cream mixer – I can’t wait to try this out!)

Would you like a closer look?


Mum picked these up in a local charity shop not realising I have the dinner service that matches them perfectly!


I LOVE this vintage table cloth




These are my goodies from the lovely Kelly – she knows Juicy Peach is my FAVOURITE! and even her lovely mum brought me some wonderful things


For my inner child

145 149

And how cute are these teaspoons – perfect for my new cups and saucers!


I was expecting this fabulous watch

guess watch

but I was not expecting a surprise gift…. a Tiffany charm to add to my collection

cupcake charm

How cute is that!!

Now tell me….

What did Santa bring you?

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  1. Spoilt, spoilt, spoilt 'hehe'!
    Lovely gifts hun, you must of been a very good girl this year.
    Thought of you when I opened my pressie from Ben, another great recipe book, will do a review on it later but knowing you, you probably have it lol.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. I see Santa was very good to you this year. I do love ivy and those cups are so me! I also got "blogging for bliss" and have just spent an hour mooching through it seeing whose blog I could take a peek at. I too was spoilt this year so we must have been very good girls. lol. Love Lucey xx

  3. aww how cute does he look in his santa outfit!!??

    love all your gifts!! i have the same hot water bottle as you xxx

  4. What a darling little Santa - he's so cute!!!
    What fantastic pressies you received!! You have great family and friends!!! We must have a lot in common, I too received some wonderful gifts!!! Santa loves us!!!!

  5. You got some AMAZING gifts there hun!!! Tell me if the Blogging for Bliss book is good as I was contemplating buying it for myself!!!
    You def hit the jackpot there!!Thanks for sharing hun x
    Annie x

  6. what fantastic goodies - and yes it went far too quickly for my liking! I got some great goodies - lots of nice books and CK bits and bobs!

  7. Lovely gifts, I'm hoping to show mine tomorrow. I wasn't as spoilt as you but that's what happens when you don't give very much :(
    How cute is little Santa? :) x

  8. Just love your "sweet" charm...I got a new digital camera...yipee!

  9. what a superb stash! Let me know what you think abouth the Martha dinner book. I've been dithering over it for ages, can't make up my mind. I'd love your view on it. (are you loving the sweet treats mag?! I'm making it the husband's mission this year to keep his beady eyes pealed for all the seaonal specials!)

    That charm is just lush! Lucky, lucky you.

    I agree, it passes by so speedily. Blink and you miss it!


  10. p.s gorgeous girl would fight you for your Hello Kitty! xx

  11. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful collection of pressies! An ice cream maker sounds like something that needs to be tried very soon!
    Love, love, love those spoons.
    Hope that cute mini Santa had oodles of fun.
    Lisa x

  12. ooo lots of goodies there Victoria! You get the same type of bits and pieces as I usually do, its nice to get lots of suprises isnt it. If your interested in what I got, i did a post just today.
    You will have to let us know how your icecream maker goes! Im curious :)


  13. Wow, you got some fabulous presents, they are fab! So pleased you enjoyed Christmas, I can not believe it is over already! xxx

  14. Isn't it just lovely to get so spoilt? Wonderful thoughtful prezzies, people obviously know exactly what you like.

  15. Hello!! a question if you would be so kind.
    Did you go to the top drawer show last year? was it any good? xxxxx

  16. hmmm some one on blogger went last year, i thought it was you.

  17. how lucky were you hunny!... loving the cupcake!.... i've got that dressing gown too!... looks like you had a fabulous time. love & hugs for the new year Tx

  18. You must have been VERY good this year for Santa to have left you such lovely goodies!
    Happy New Year to you!
    Warm Winter Wishes,

  19. B man looks so cute in his Santa outfit!!!
    And very happy with Micky :)
    looking forward to the homemade ice cream :)

  20. Wow you scored some awesome gifts! Love the cupcake charm and new Tinkerbell movie of course :) I barely got any gifts now that I'm a mom to 3. Anyway, I'm glad you had a nice Christmas and boxing day! Have a rockin' new years eve tomorrow!


  21. Loved seeing your pressies! Cute cupcake charm...and I love the douhnuts mug! I notice you too are a yankee candle fan...enjoy!

    Priscilla x

  22. Oh and I think you will find the dinner service to which you refer is in my loft, therefore mine! I'll get my cups off you tomorrow!!!!

  23. What wonderful gifts! I love the spoons and teacups! And I so want my own yankee candle!! :) xxx

  24. Ooh a fab mix of new and vintage goodies there Victoria, love love love the tiffany charm, looks quite similar to the Links one I've had my eye on ;) x


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