Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All in a Day

I hope you’re still with me after I missed Weight Loss Wednesday last week but I’m sure you saw what was keeping me away – so, let’s get right back into it…..

It’s time to pick ONE day that you will weigh yourself. If you are part of a slimming club your weigh in day will be dependent on their schedule but we who go it alone have the luxury of choosing our own

I weigh myself on Thursday mornings which works out perfectly so that if I'm on track I can indulge a little over the weekend and have a few days in the week to play around with my points allowance – no having to refuse invitations to lunch with friends for us weight watchers!

The biggest problem many of us have is jumping on the scales here and there throughout the week which can have a really negative impact. One day you'll have lost a few pounds, the next day you've piled them on so keep to time and day per week to keep your figures consistent

Choosing just one day will give you a regular routine that’s easier to stick to and ensure you're motivated to keep going without unnecessary highs and lows which we’ve all had – how many of you have starved yourself all day to weigh yourself and see the pounds have gone up?

We all love journaling and notebooks don’t we so this should appeal to us all, select one of your prettiest notebooks and make this your food journal

In the back of your notebook write down the date of each week you will be weighing. I’d suggest at least making note of the next 3 months or if you already have your Summer holiday go as far as that date

Next to these dates make notes about events you have coming up. It doesn't matter if it's just catching up for lunch with friends, a family party or a major wedding, as long as you have weekly events to focus towards rather than one that is months away therefore not able to rely on the "I've got plenty of time" excuse

I find this really useful as it’s important to maintain wellbeing for the simple events as much as that gala ball. I often find it more frustrating choosing what to wear to the cinema than for a big night out and wouldn’t you like to walk into parents evening feeling as happy with yourself as you would in that party dress?

All that's left is for you to fill this journal with what you’re eating. I use this method as WeightWatchers is about calculating your points so I need to keep track of what I have available each day/week much like my bank account but even if not on the WW plan it can be useful to look back and see what you ate that week you lost/gained extra lbs

And don’t feel like this is a chore… if you find your spending hours writing down what you’re eating throughout the day…. well maybe you are eating far more than you should be!!

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  1. Hiya, you're doing so well, keep up the good work!xxxxx

    P.S...says me, who is scoffing choccies!
    BBrrr...tis cold...x

  2. Loving your tips!!!
    I'm off to do my list ;)
    So glad to be joiuning you with the WW plan now :)


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